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Khaoscontrol Mar 19, 2014 (Edit)
So, here we are. I'm sure you could guess the purpose of this topic by its title alone, but to clarify, you're supposed to state your favorite anime and provide reasons for why you enjoy it so much.

As I have created the topic, I'll start.

My favorite anime is easily Ergo Proxy. It contains several themes about humanity and society, and portrays them wonderfully. The symbol of society is obviously Rondo City, a utopia, whilst the themes of humanity are with the characters outside of Rondo. I most enjoy it for the characters, myself. Vincent Law is a believable character. His days in Rondo are difficult, and you watch him struggle to get along, until he declares, 'I will never be a fellow citizen.' He is a likeable character, and his evolution throughout the series is stunning. Secondly, of course, is Pino, who is a clear representation of innocence amidst everything, and how the autoreivs can function normally alongside humans, despite finding souls through the Kogito virus. I could continue on and on about Re-l Mayer, Iggy, Raul Creed, Kristeva, Daedalus Yumeno, Hoody, Kazkis Hauer, Monad, Amnesia, etc. There are few useless characters, the only notable ones being in the two filler episodes.

The only downsides to the anime are firstly, two completely unnecessary filler episodes. Technically, quite a few episodes could be listed as 'filler', but they are interesting, reveal more about the characters, and in some cases bend your perception in an interesting way.

The other downside is for some, but not others. I, for one, believe this is a good thing. The anime has a very philosophical tone through the entire series, which brings people to believe it's trying to be something it's not, and others to find it too complicated to understand. Especially the whole divination of 'what is a Proxy?'.

NOTE: The spoilers are pretty minor, revealed in the first 3-4 episodes, but if you want the full experience, it's awesome, go watch it.

So, feel free for feedback on any series people mention, and be sure to express your own!
aniqueen Mar 23, 2014 (Edit)
Khaos, I have seen a few episodes of Ergo Proxy, and I also liked what I was very well developed and the characters were fleshed out pretty well, plus it had a plot?
My favorite anime is easily Hellsing. First, I love Alucard, and I mean love like obsessed, driven, weird love, it was the first anime I saw after a very difficult time in my life, so I think that is another reason why it resonates like it does with know those snapshots of time in your life when everything crystallizes just so, and you remember the slightest detail of what you were doing at that moment? That was when I watched Hellsing for the first time, by mom was flipping through the channels, and we had Starz, and it was on there....and the rest is history.....
Plus I have Alucard tattooed on my back....nuff said.
Khaoscontrol Mar 23, 2014 (Edit)
I've heard a lot of people like Hellsing, but it's one of those anime I've inexplicably never watched, with the likes of the newer Monogatari anime and Nichijou.

You tattooed Alucard on your back? That's hardcore. xDD
aniqueen Mar 24, 2014 (Edit)
Thanks, I will take that as the compliment it is And I will admit, it is not for everyone...Monogatari I have heard of, but have never seen...did you ever watch Basilisk? That is a good older one...
Khaoscontrol Mar 24, 2014 (Edit)
Errr... I absolutely despised Basilisk. It's one of the two anime I've ever dropped, and I might start Bleach again in the future, who knows.

As for Monogatari, it's really good. I've seen Bakemonogatari and Nisemonogatari, but I've yet to see Nekomonogatari or Monogatari: Second Season.
aniqueen Mar 27, 2014 (Edit)
I have heard of all those...I did not realize they were all connected....and I did like Basilisk okay, it surprised me more than anything...reminded me of the old Ninja Scroll (the first original one, not that crappy remake) so that's why I like it...and I have seen all the Bleach, finally, and I am took me forever to realize that it sounds better subbed than dubbed...but that's just me...I seem to gravitate toward subbed animes more nowadays than I did in the beginning...but that's just me!
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