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Khaoscontrol Apr 9, 2014 (Edit)
And here we find one of the most eccentric anime there ever are and will be. FLCL moves along so quickly it usually requires rewatching it several times to catch all of the jokes, themes, and even the story itself. Here I'll dissect what I thought of it, one of my favorite anime.

When we're pitched into the middle of FLCL, Naota is doing his homework as Mamimi is practicing swinging a bat. This first scene gives a foreshadow of Mamimi's attatchment to baseball, which is quickly attributed to Naota's brother who has left to the United States to play professional baseball. It also shows that Mamimi has turned to Naota due to her sexual frustrations, where she treats him as if he were his brother, and calls him Takkun, her nickname for his brother, Tasuku. As they return from the bridge, he's suddenly struck by a Vespa bike, driven only by Haruhara Haruko. After reviving him, she strikes him a second time, this time with a guitar, and seems to be trying to find something on him.

I'll start explaining things more here.

Haruhara Haruko is a Galactic Space Patrol investigator from, you guessed it, outer space. She attacks various machines from Medical Mechanica, who presumably have taken Atomsk hostage. Haruko battles Medical Mechanica to get Atomsk's power, and uses Naota's head as a dimensional portal to retrieve things from Medical Mechanica's factory. The reason she wishes to get Atomsk's power? Atomsk is the Pirate King, a space pirate, and can manifest entire galaxies through his body with N.O. power, which is the power used for Naota to retrieve robots through his head.

Atomsk is able to manifest some of his power by taking control of Canti, which is when he turns from blue to red. When Haruko first discovers Atomsk, she strikes Canti in the head in an attempt to release Atomsk, but instead severs the connection between the two, leaving simply Canti, a medical robot that does what it's told around the Nandaba household.

The other characters in the series are all people close to Naota in one form or another, and are used by Haruko so she can achieve her goal, such as Kamon, who blindly chases after her.

Anyhow, that's Haruko's fantastical side of FLCL, the other being Naota's, of course.

Naota ends up in the middle of this situation, and strives to become more mature. He sees Mamimi as immature, but eventually develops a crush on her. When he realizes she will never return his feelings due to her obsession with Tasuku, they separate with a fairly bad conclusion. Similarly, Naota starts out with a bad relationship with Haruko, but as the series progresses, he realizes his feelings for her, and confesses in episode six. Haruko accepts his feelings to an extent, allowing him a kiss, and gifting him her bass guitar before she leaves back into outer space.

Anyhow, the story is messy, confusing, and complicated, and every episode is a giant wall of text on their own to make any sort of sense. Anyhow, this anime isn't too worried about the story itself. It makes sense, and it's presented in a way where it stays focused on how the characters develop, especially Naota, for the entire series. You just have to accept things as they are most of the time.

As for the art, this series is absolutely unique, and in a good way. The art isn't very detailed, but doesn't need to be. Character designs are great, and their expressions at every given moment speaks for themselves. Much of it is zany and silly, and there is no doubt this series doesn't seem to take itself very seriously outside of the key scenes in each episode.

The music... ooohhhhh, the music. The majority, if not all of the soundtrack is from The Pillows, though they weren't created specifically for this, the anime was practically built around these songs. It's drop-dead perfect.

Throughout the series there are countless themes, symbols, and motifs that don't hold any significant meaning until you've seen it the entire way through, and so it's recommended to watch this entire series many times through, which isn't too daunting with it's 6 episodes--movie length.

All in all, this is one of the most meaningful, entertaining, and beautiful series I've ever watched. The only real downfall in this series is when people dislike it's rapid pacing or it's simple zanyness. Even if the story and characters make perfect sense in context, many of the jokes and references really don't, and they aren't supposed to. FLCL isn't afraid to step into unknown territory and balance as many genres as it can. I highly reccomend this series if you haven't seen it, and if you have, go buy it and watch it again.

Thoughts? Theories?
aniqueen Apr 9, 2014 (Edit)
FLCL (pronounced fooly cooly) was the weirdest and yet pretty awesomest anime I have seen! I did not know that The Pillows did the music (I should have) but thanks for that! Now I go DL the album!
Khaoscontrol Apr 9, 2014 (Edit)
Yeah, you really should have known that, The Pillows are amazing, aniqueen. xD
If only more anime had soundtracks that awesome.... Watching Hitman Reborn right now, that has a pretty great soundtrack, but that's something completely different.

I wouldn't say FLCL is the weirdest out there, but it's definitely unique.
aniqueen Apr 12, 2014 (Edit)
I know, I know...I am so bad with band/composer names and song names...Hitman Reborn was pretty awesome and has a great soundtrack you are right on that one! I just wish Naruto (and Shippuden) would just get great openings and endings, and not have only like 3 of them be good and the rest be kinda crappy! But that's just me! My fave anime songs right now are the Bleach Beats Collection (where the VA sing the openings and endings to Bleach) but the best one is Uryuu Ishida (whoever does the voice...I'm bad with their names too, except for Crispin Freeman, but I love him*wink) doing Chu-Bara! YouTube it, they are on there if you want to listen!
Khaoscontrol Apr 13, 2014 (Edit)
Oh, come on, the German Naruto opening was priceless. xD

...Chu-Bara just made me remember Chu-Bra and that was a terrible anime....

Back on topic, though, I rewatched FLCL again today. Gotta say, it never gets old.
aniqueen Apr 14, 2014 (Edit)
Oh my...I forgot about that one until you said that (stuck in the annals of my mind)..OMG LMAO!!!! Thanks for that, it was priceless

Chu-Bara was an anime too? I just thought it was a song....I need to go through this database A-Z and check them all out (at least's my life's mission now)

FLCL never gets old, I agree...
Khaoscontrol Apr 14, 2014 (Edit)
I have no clue what Chu-Bara is, aniqueen. Chu-Bra! is an anime about girls learning about underwear. It's oddly not ecchi, the comedy is weak, and the characters are boring. Really doesn't have anything going for it.
aniqueen Apr 15, 2014 (Edit)
Ahhh, I read that one wrong (my vision was blurry for all the computer reading I had already been doing...thank you NKU)..doesn't sound like one that I would watch then, thanks for the heads up! (If it was ecchi, maybe, my husband and watch those types all the time together)...:)
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