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Forum :: Library's and your thoughts....

aniqueen Apr 29, 2014 (Edit)
Well, we are hearing more and more about how the e-book will make libraries obsolete. I, as a future Librarian (only got 2 years of Grad School left to get my professional degree) say that this idea is a flop, and will not happen anytime in the near future. Imagine, a world with no books? No physical, monograph books? I don't think so. If you feel the same, please, please go to your local library (academic, public, whatever) and check out a book...even if it's one a month, just check out something, and keep these institutions of learning and access for all open! And always remember, the library is there to bring all information to all the people, it is up to you (personally, or your parents if you are a minor) to decide for yourselves what are appropriate reads.

That being said, my little plea/rant is done!

Your thoughts on the library? Any good/bad problems? Any solutions you can think of?
Khaoscontrol Apr 30, 2014 (Edit)
Local libraries are definitely becoming obsolete due to modern technologies, but in larger cities and towns, there's no doubt libraries will remain. I personally prefer a physical copy of a book over digital, but 80% of the things I read aren't carried by libraries near me, and I end up buying my own copies anyhow.

In fact, if I like a book I borrow from a library, I buy my own copy of that book. Of course, I'm a really picky reader, so out of hundreds of books, I've bought maybe ten.
aniqueen May 1, 2014 (Edit)
Ahh, you and me both...I understand what you are saying about small town libraries going away, but here in Appalachia (where I live) our small town libraries are actually our lifeblood, so it's a good thing!

I am like you as well, old-school you could say, I prefer the physical book...the smell, the weight, the feel of turning the pages is just not the same (I did break down this year and got myself a Kindle, but mostly for manga and games because my phone sucks), so I am straddling both worlds...

Last book I bought was the manga "In These Words" by TogaQ + KichikuNeko (Guilt|Pleasure)! I hardly buy them either unless I love the book itself, which is few and far between (I work with a girl that has over 5,000 books on her Nook!)
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