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Khaoscontrol May 14, 2014 (Edit)
So, being a weird person, my taste in games is weird. Really weird, sometimes. So that got me thinking. What do other people enjoy playing? Then I posted this with that idea in mind.

As for me, my favorite games:

Greatest Games of All Time: Castlevania: Symphony of the Night (PS1), Super Metroid (SNES)
Amazing Games: Kamidori Alchemy Meister (PC), Cave Story+ (PC), Portal 2 (PC), The World Ends With You (NDS), GIRLvsGIRL (PC)
Great Games: Castle Crashers (PC), Kurovadis (PC), Nitronic Rush (PC), Summon Knight: Swordcraft Story (GBA)

Of this list, Kurovadis is probably the weirdest. Kurovadis is a hentai indie game that takes inspiration from Metroidvania style games, and actually has a wide array of enemies, a balanced level system, and really pleasant movement. It just feels good to play. Thus proving you CAN play a hentai game for the actual game.

The World Ends With You is probably the most original concept in my list, where you use powers that are activated by the touch screen, but these powers change depending on the pins you equip and level up. The storyline is absolutely stunning, and the gameplay is addicting.

So, your favorites and recommendations?
aniqueen May 15, 2014 (Edit)
Well, I am a HO lady myself, so I play all those "free" or "hour-long preview" ones by companies like Big Fish and G5 (They have a great one out now on my Kindle, The Secret Society, which is cool)

Khaos, I have actually played that Castlevania PS1 was a long time ago, and that's all I remember...

My husband also bought me the "Absolute Obedience/Enzai" double pack of games a while back...I can't get through them because of all the pretty boys and the naughty things being done to them...

I will also admit my addiction to Candy Crush....but I do not buy anything in-app...I refuse to give those people any more money (just Google Candy Crush ruined my life and see what you's pretty gruesome!)

But that's it for me....
Phozz May 15, 2014 (Edit)
I don't play a huge amount of games but one little game I got on impulse recently was Hotline Miami . Worth the play. It's a fast paced stealth genre birds-eye-view game with predictable enemies. When you die, you simply press a button to try again. Effectively removing the most annoying thing about stealth games - the time it takes between scenario attempts. The story's aight. Controls only need a couple of minutes to get used to and I liked the music. Gives me headaches if I play it for too long, though.
Khaoscontrol May 15, 2014 (Edit)
@aniqueen My parents used to play Candy Crush. I watched it, and didn't get the appeal. xD
Absolute Obedience? rofl, I think I've heard of that. Your husband has got some guts buying that for ya.
Seriously, though. Hidden object? My mom plays those for hours on end if you give her the time.

@Phozz I tried Hotline Miami. It was fun, but not really my thing, it's not on my computer anymore. I tend to dislike stealth in general, though.
aniqueen May 16, 2014 (Edit)
Phozz-never heard of that one...might have to check that out...

Khaos-My husband has a ton of guts, but he knows what I like and what I don't (I buy him yuri and hentai for gifts) so we are good!

And yes, I am just like your mom I can play those things for hours and hours...I have just always been that way!
And Candy Crush just is Bejeweled with candy, so it's pretty cool!
Khaoscontrol May 16, 2014 (Edit)
Bejeweled? I was always a Hexic kind of guy.
aniqueen May 18, 2014 (Edit)
Ha, husband loves that one too, since he discovered it on his Xbox for free!
Phozz May 18, 2014 (Edit)
ROFL, I just tried a side scroller Hentai like Kurovadis, Lab: Still Alive. Oh god, it was more fun than I expected and it was useful, too. I think I'll be able to try Kurovadis and some of the games by the same dev soon. Seems he has a reputation.
Khaoscontrol May 18, 2014 (Edit)
Still Alive is by that same guy? Why have I not heard of this??

Yeah, Kurovadis is absolutely amazing. He also made Eroico. It's good, and looks great, but a warning: it's really damn difficult, even on easy.

Also on the topic of hentai games, add "GIRLvsGIRL" to the amazing list. Best gameplay I've seen in a hentai game ever. Kurovadis is more "me" since it's a Metroidvania-style game, but GIRLvsGIRL is just beautiful. They even made the hentai into a game mechanic, not a random addon like a lot of games. It's interesting, and doesn't get too distracting from the game itself.

I've started playing Killzone 3, since I bought a TV and moved the PS3 to my room. It has some really fun moments, but it gets repetitious, and the controls are awkward. A rather 'meh' game that was worth it since it came free with my PS3 like two years ago.
Phozz May 19, 2014 (Edit)
Nono, Still Alive isn't. I mean, I'll play Kurovadis AND stuff by the same guy who made Kurovadis.

Still Alive has a hard mode, I played it on easy 'cuz it was my first time handling a sidescroller in years, but it was pretty damn easy.
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