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Forum :: If you could control fate, would you interfere with the lives of others?

Khaoscontrol Jan 14, 2014 (Edit)
Just as the topic says, would you interfere with fate? And if so, how?

If I had such an option, I would not. I do no have clairvoyance, and I would not want to feel responsible for the tragedies that accompany us as we live our lives. If I were to interfere, and such a thing were to occur, I would no doubt wonder: "Would this have happened if I wasn't a part of it?"

Truly, we can control fate, and it both blesses and curses us. We are fate, with every decision we choose shaping it for us. We've seen the world change at the efforts of a few. What matters is if we see this as controlling fate, or simply following said fate without being aware of it.

The question at hand refers to being in full awareness of the changes in fate, but not of the alternate timelines that theoretically coexist with each possible choice.
Phozz Jan 18, 2014 (Edit)
Nothnx, I'm gud.

Would be the short answer.

I don't really find much fun in making choices for other people.
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