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flag Futanari Lovers 1 Subspace Realm Realm
For all those who love futa!!! Boobies, whohas AND DICKS!!!
flag Angel Force 1 Upper Realm Realm
The Alpha Male: Justin
flag Cosmic 1 Outer Realm Realm
Guild for anything.
flag 4 Subspace Realm Realm
web page for dating waifus
flag Mistiviarune 1 Lower Realm Realm
A shadowy guild that serves the dark side.
flag World of Warcraft 1 Outer Realm Realm
Place to share WoW screenshots
flag Babies club 1 Outer Realm Realm
flag My hero waifu's and husbano's 2 Upper Realm Realm
This gulid is mainly just for fun. Let's all have fun with these husbano's and waifus
flag Dangerous Girls 4 Upper Realm Realm
You like girls?
You like action?
You like guns?
You like swords?
Join us!! You like Dangerous Girls!
flag ♡Jerza Shippers!♡ 2 Middle Earth Realm
This guild is for everyone who is absolutely loves Jerza! (Erza Scarlet + Jellal Fernades) Feel free to talk about Jerza to your heart's content! They are THE BEST ship out there ♡w♡. Also if u want u can upload super cute fan art, or even some fan art of your own! Also we will be eating plenty of strawberry cake in the guild don't worry ♡
flag Enclave 1 Upper Realm Realm
No Description
flag KAWASAKI CITY 1 Subspace Realm Realm
flag Moe Empire 1 Subspace Realm Realm
We focus on everything that is moe. Anime, Manga, Characters, everything that you with for. There is nothing better than a load of moe. Every day.
flag Realm of Heroes 1 Upper Realm Realm
A place for those that love heroes/ good people from any and all worlds
flag Fenrir 2 Upper Realm Realm
Protecting Humanity. Revitalizing Science.
flag N.E.E.T. Cooking 1 Middle Earth Realm
Come here to learn and share the secrets to eating the best food at the lowest cost!
flag DDLC Guild 6 Upper Realm Realm
Just Monika
flag Shota Hunters 3 Upper Realm Realm
We find, we claim, we cuddle.
flag Anonymous Anime-lovers Association 12 Outer Realm Realm
Just a guild to gather everyone who spends most of their time posting on anime imageboards
I placed it in the Outer Realm because anons need an unknown location
flag Fuurinkazan 4 Lower Realm Realm
No Description
flag Chika-Chan Alliance 1 Upper Realm Realm
This Guild is Primarily of Eroges
flag Cells NOT at work 2 Middle Earth Realm

The core force that leads our cause is the Communist Party of Russia.

The theoretical basis guiding our thoughts is Marxism-Leninism

If you want a revolution, a revolutionary party must have a revolutionary party. Without a revolutionary party established in accordance with Marxist-Leninist revolutionary theory and revolutionary style, it is impossible to lead the working class and the people to defeat the imperialists.
flag Fukuzawa Yukichi { Bungo Stray Dogs} 1 Middle Earth Realm
Name says it all! Guild is for Fukuzawa Yukichi, fromBSD ~
flag anime boot camp 1 Lower Realm Realm
I'd like guild to be where people who are new to anime and people know anime well
can help each other find new animes or manga.

P.S i'm not the best speller.
flag Depth of Despair 1 Outer Realm Realm
People who favor the mysterious aspects of anime and likes tragic anime such as “Akame ga Kill”.
flag ~Tea Tree Gang~ 2 Outer Realm Realm
Heyo! We are The Tea Tree Gang! My name is Proxy Moron, and I am the director of this show! We take our jobs very seriously (not), so make sure to treat all of our children well! Peace!
flag Loli guild 2 Outer Realm Realm
No Description
flag Sure why not 1 Lower Realm Realm
What is this I am not good with computer
flag Art club 9 Middle Earth Realm
Be it digital fan art, or original pieces.
From graphics & design too paper drawings.
All is accepted here.

Yaoi is allowed
No bashing pairings
flag CUCKSLAYERS 1 Outer Realm Realm
Praise Ronald McMuhammad (mhfsf)
This is a Szichwahsh Guild.


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