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flag Goddess Rami & Co. 2 Upper Realm Realm
A shrine to the true Goddesses of Monster Girl Quest; the imps Rami, Remi & Rumi.
flag No Game No Life 46 Subspace Realm Realm
No Game No Life!
Shiro and Sora are frigging awesome and this show totally deserves its own Guild.
KYAAAAA *fanboymode on*
flag D Gray Man 4 Upper Realm Realm
Anyone that loves D Gray Man, the anime and/or the manga!!!
flag Detective Guild 6 Middle Earth Realm
Where people with deduction skills and mystery lovers are being summoned... Of course, you can talk about anime with detective/mystery genre
flag ~Dragonscale Guild~ 3 Lower Realm Realm
~~~~??? ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
flag SAS!! XD 2 Subspace Realm Realm
The guild for anime fans to RP,Cosplay
flag Alona 2 Middle Earth Realm
No Description
flag shin megami tensai 2 Upper Realm Realm
All persona fans welcome
flag Helix reccon suit guild 4 Outer Realm Realm
For those who love anime mechs Here a guild
flag Card Maker Guild 13 Subspace Realm Realm
A guild that will function as a workshop for making cards. You can use forums and gallery to start coop projects with other members or post sets for evaluation.
flag FREE 5 Outer Realm Realm
flag The Interplanetary Library of Fate 14 Outer Realm Realm
Here lies the knowledge that is gathered at the zenith of time, space, life, and death. Fate can be changed in such a grand spectrum. Man's lives are in our hands.
flag Shadow Knights 2 Lower Realm Realm
we are a guild that loves anime for it's action and fanservice. our goal is to spread our anime knowledge across the globe until all humans know anime
flag The Rulers of all things Moe 4 Outer Realm Realm
Join in an attempt to gain control of all things Moe. Yury. Loli. You name it. We want it. Lets aim for the top together!!!
flag Lamia 2 Outer Realm Realm
No Description
flag Grimmary 2 Lower Realm Realm
Just your average devil guild
flag Yandere Bloody Heavens 11 Lower Realm Realm
Love and Death, cuteness and insanity, protectors and villains,
And nice gauzy skirts with sharp battle axes hidden inside~

Welcome, Stranger! Meet a brand new place for all yandere-characters-fans out there!
Feel like at home, but beware - love conflicts can end really violent here, really.
flag Mobile Suit Guild 8 Subspace Realm Realm
For all fans of Gundam, including myself. Enjoy!
flag wolf gate 3 Outer Realm Realm
Come join please a world for The wolf that inside ok leader out
flag ANIME guild 3 Middle Earth Realm
anime guild anime guild wolcome
flag shi no te 2 Outer Realm Realm
High powered fun gild to be in all so my first one so join and have fun no friendly fire ore any of that will do stuff and kill things so as earlier have fun
flag yo 2 Upper Realm Realm
No Description
flag 1080p(+) WALLPAPER 5 Outer Realm Realm
Visit our gallery for cool 1080p wallpapers! Upload and share yours here ~
flag The Kitsune Gods 2 Upper Realm Realm
No Description
flag Kuroshitsuji 6 Lower Realm Realm
No Description
flag Virtual World / Virtual Quest's / story telling 6 Middle Earth Realm
Discuss Fav anime's (current or classic), manga's, imaginary story's you created (Story tellers are welcome), poems, and quotes. Basically discuss anything (within site rules).

A note on jokes: I don't mind some occasional jokes (as long as their not culture biased, and as stated above, comply with site rules). A good way do determine if its appropriate joke is if you don't mind receiving the joke you might send.

Occasionally I will post a setting of a quest in progress (whoever wants to participate can) tell the group what they would do in that situation and/or add to the quest.

If you want to post/create virtual quest settings, go ahead (In virtual quests people can be on more than one).

The creation of my quests remain subject to Guild Owner decision.

flag Temple of Seiyus 2 Upper Realm Realm
A guild devoted to the great lords of eargasm.
flag Frozen Dreams 4 Upper Realm Realm
Contains anything Frozen... Please join ppl...
flag Radioactive Club 5 Lower Realm Realm
The Radioactive Club is a club were you can talk about what you want Like anime,manga,etc
flag Traps for the win!!! 2 Middle Earth Realm
Diese Gilde ist für alle Traps da.
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Outer Realm
The Unknown, ruled by Space Lords
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Upper Realm
The Heavens, ruled by dieties
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Middle Earth
The Land of Man, ruled by Kings and Queens
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Lower Realm
The Land of Dead, ruled by Demon Lords
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Subspace Realm
Pocket Realms, ruled by Arch Mages

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