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flag Role-Play Guild 54 Outer Realm Realm
Make your character and choose your fate

Join our epic role-play guild!
flag The New Guild of Anime 18 Outer Realm Realm
I want to offer a new and improved guild for all those who still go on here. That is what this guild is made for. A new experience for all those who want to play still.
flag VOCALOID 34 Upper Realm Realm
Year of the Miku!
flag PokéFamily 3 Outer Realm Realm
Calling all Pokémon fans! If you exist, then join this guild! All PokéFans are welcome to this lovely little place!
flag The True Senpais 8 Lower Realm Realm
We are the senpais among senpais we rule them all and I rule ever senpai I Conan Senpai
flag Fairytail 11 Middle Earth Realm
Anyone is welcome! You all know the famous Fairytail guild. This is a fanbased guild, not just for that anime. We'd love to hear what you favorite anime's are, and hear why you love them so much! This guild is great for anyone who wants to fangirl along with one another, make friends with people who have similar anime interests, or to just chat! We'd love to have you along for the ride, so don't be shy!
flag VN Guild 24 Lower Realm Realm
A guild for those, who play Eroge or just Visual Novels in general.
flag Fan-Editors Guild 4 Outer Realm Realm
A guild for AMV editors - veterans, newbies, and anyone in between is welcome!
Here you'll find AMVs, tutorials, and tips/help for Anime Music Video editing - other fandom editors are welcome too!
flag Cirno Scans 11 Subspace Realm Realm
Cirno scans the posters from anime magazines. For your enjoyment!
flag Team Dark ★ Slayer 3 Outer Realm Realm
No Description
flag Horned Babes 3 Lower Realm Realm
No Description
flag Maui's wise quotes 7 Middle Earth Realm
These are just a bunch of my random quotes.
flag Otaku lovers and drawers 8 Upper Realm Realm
Hello everyone! I welcome you to my new guild, which i don't know what to do hahaha.....Well everyone is welcomed here, we are a big happy family of anime lovers. ^^
So here is my rules/ 1. Be nice 2. Don't say offending things to others 3. and finally have fun!
Here are my quotes i always say
"You are who you are, nobody can't stop you. Its your choice and only yours"-rose
"Ignore those who are mean to you just because you are a nerd/geek/otaku, they'll probably end up working for you ^^ "-rose
And finally
"Follow the light to your pathway, you are the leader of your decisions, If you can do it, then do it!"-rose
flag Campione 4 Middle Earth Realm
just like anime
flag Knights Of The Blood Oath(Sword Art Online) 3 Middle Earth Realm
This is a guild dedicated to Sword Art Online,and any characters related to it,foremost of all Yuuki Asuna,the Main Character and one of the Knights,and Kirigaya Kazuto,the protagonist,Asuna's husband and the point of view the story of Sword Art Online is told through.We welcome any and all who vouches for Asuna,Kirito and Sword Art Online.
flag AnimeKingdom 5 Middle Earth Realm
We live in the realm of anime!
flag Wolffang Clan 3 Upper Realm Realm
A clan made of only wolf anime characters
flag One Piece 3 Middle Earth Realm
No Description
flag lovingdieties 2 Upper Realm Realm
No Description
flag Otaku clan 4 Lower Realm Realm
This guild is for people who like to talk about anything
flag GAMING GUILD 6 Subspace Realm Realm
There are so many guilds for games; here is a guild to index all the games guilds we have
flag lovelygoddess123 2 Upper Realm Realm
No Description
flag Vongola Famiglia 2 Middle Earth Realm
the Vongola Family's Guild
flag Zombie Killers 2 Lower Realm Realm
No Description
flag Tsuyoi Characters 2 Middle Earth Realm
A guild to talk about and compare the strongest anime characters ever made and characters to come.
flag SWORD ART ONLINE Guild 3 Lower Realm Realm
Appreciate the amazing anime, sword art online
flag Debauchery Tea Party. 4 Middle Earth Realm
This is a guild for anyone and everyone,so long as you have the guts to stay with us to the end. We are not just a guild. We are a family. We are Debauchery Tea Party.
flag Brother Hood of Steel 2 Middle Earth Realm
be recover tech form the old world and attempt to spreed peace thou the wastes and helping wastelands along the way

22nd-armored Company
45nd-air assault wing
66nd-attack wing
69nd-fighter wing
701st-helicopter wing
12,14,77,68,58 ground Company
1st-"halo" Company
3nt spec ops Company
flag fakboeeys 2 Outer Realm Realm
No Description
flag The Naruto Fandom 13 Lower Realm Realm
A guild for Naruto fans. In this guild you can talk about anything naruto related.XD
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