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Letter from Rei

August 17, 2017

Is Anime Characters Database worth nothing to you?

For 10 years I have worked hard to make ACDB a fun, vibrant, constantly improving web site.

I have poured my all into this site, all while enduring poverty living with my aging parents.

Let me share with you something personal. I am not a normal person. Many years ago I was diagnosed with schizophrenia in combination with depression and panic-attack anxiety. My high school years were spent medicated and bed ridden. Against the predictions of my first psychiatrist, I made it to University. Crippling anxiety meant it took everything to get to and sit through just one class a week. I pressed forward, and learned enough about programming to make a life for myself doing something I enjoyed.

This path may be reaching an end. I am not able to earn enough from ad revenue to cover food and rent. And donations are not even enough to cover the operating costs of the website.

I need help. I need something to change.

I love ACDB. I love the challenge of seeking out new ideas, turning my imagination into creation.

Will you hire me to do this for another 10 years?

Let me finish by thanking our current and former Patreon supporters, as well as everyone who has donated in the past. I will forever be grateful for your kind and generous support.


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