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Character Item Name Image Item Type Added by
Karin Kanzuki Red Skirt Clothing TakMan11
Karin Kanzuki Blue Hairbow Clothing TakMan11
Kaori Natsuki Zephyer_Accia86502
Kaori Natsuki Zephyer_Accia86502
Kaori Natsuki Zephyer_Accia86502
Captain Harlock Captain Harlock Photo Victoria_Goddess1
Arumaeruma Kaiseran
Veronica Lyonesse Goddess Amber Jewelry LiCobra
Elizabeth Lyonesse Liones family crest earring Jewelry LiCobra
King Spirit Spear, Chastiefol Weapon LiCobra
Doraemon Mini Black Hole (ミニブラックホール) Apparatus superwarioman
Doraemon Voice Thickener (コエカタマリン) Apparatus superwarioman
Doraemon Lucky Gun (幸運の銃) Apparatus superwarioman
Doraemon Burger Director (映画監督ロボ) Apparatus superwarioman
Doraemon Time Belt ( タイムベルト) Apparatus superwarioman
Doraemon Time Machine (タイムマシン) Gadgets superwarioman
Doraemon Mind Reading Helmet (さとりヘルメット) Gadgets superwarioman
Doraemon Time furoshiki ( タイムふろしき) Gadgets superwarioman
Nicholas D. Wolfwood PunkHazard
Tigrevurmud Vorn The Black Bow Bow Rei
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