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Character Item Name Image Item Type Added by
Aegaeon Graviton Lightning Slash Sword Sword LiCobra
Alucard The Jackal Gun LiCobra
Arumaeruma Kaiseran
Ash Ketchum Pikachu's pokéball Misc. Sora5431
Asmita Virgo Cloth Armor LiCobra
Bell Cranel Hestia Knife Dagger blondboy109
Captain Harlock Captain Harlock Photo Victoria_Goddess1
Doraemon Time furoshiki ( タイムふろしき) Gadgets superwarioman
Doraemon Mind Reading Helmet (さとりヘルメット) Gadgets superwarioman
Doraemon Time Machine (タイムマシン) Gadgets superwarioman
Doraemon Time Belt ( タイムベルト) Apparatus superwarioman
Doraemon Burger Director (映画監督ロボ) Apparatus superwarioman
Doraemon Lucky Gun (幸運の銃) Apparatus superwarioman
Doraemon Voice Thickener (コエカタマリン) Apparatus superwarioman
Doraemon Mini Black Hole (ミニブラックホール) Apparatus superwarioman
Eden Orion Cloth Armor LiCobra
Edward Elric Pocketwatch Accessory AmaterasuWings
Elizabeth Lyonesse Liones family crest earring Jewelry LiCobra
Erika Shinohara Necklace Jewelry AmaterasuWings
Gallia Bushin Photon Sword Sword LiCobra

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