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For now, I shall grant you Ente Isla.
But I shall return.
And when I do, I will seize this
continent and rule over you all!
They escaped into the Gate.
What do we do?
We go after them, of course.
We have no way of knowing where the Gate leads.
It doesn't matter what world they run to.
I will find them.
I will find them and crush them with my own hands!
Emilia the Hero?!
What are you doing here?
I entered the Gate to chase after you.
To defeat you.
Wait, Emilia! We can talk this through!
There is no place for words between us.
Prepare yourself, Dark Lord!
Uh, Emilia...
Silence. I'm not here to chat with you.
It's just, that knife...
Don't they sell those in the 100-yen store in Sasazuka?
S-So what?
What happened to your holy sword?
Th-That's none of your business.
Don't tell me you actually lost your sacred sword...
Or can you just not afford to use it?
That goes for you too!
The magic I sense from you is like a drop in the ocean compared to Ente Isla!
That's true...
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