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We will use these cards.

- Black Rabbit

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Damn it! This can't be happening!
It has to be some kind of mistake!
What are you talking about—
What's this?
There's no way you're getting married!
It gotta be some sort of conspiracy!
G-Getting married?
Issei, I want my first grandchild to be a girl!
I'm so proud of you now!
I thought you were just a useless skirt chaser, but...
Whoa, time out!
Don't let your eyes wander, Issei.
Rias-sama, you look beautiful!
Oh, Rias-oneesama, why're you marrying a dork like him?
She's the one I'm getting married to?!
From this day forward,
When did our relationship get this far?
for better, for worse,
Well, it's not a problem if I get hitched with my idol!
for richer, for poorer,
in sickness or in health,
But marriage means baby-making,
and baby-making means the wedding night!
to love and to cherish...
Come, Issei.
You may now seal your vows with a kiss.
A k-kiss?
You look pretty hot and bothered there, brat.
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We will use these cards.

Black Rabbit
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