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Go, Xin.
Please, follow the king!
Lord is... bowing his head to someone other than the king.
And what's more... it's to a nameless servant boy.
Ancient China.
After learning that the era of saints had ended,
human desire was unleashed.
And a storm of violent wars erupted for 500 years...
until over one hundred states were reduced to merely seven.
And now, a wind of great history gusts from the State of Qin in the far West.
This is the tumultuous tale of a nameless boy and a young king who brought the warring era to its end!
Each One's Dream
But man, Young Master Bi,
why're you tagging along?
I'd be worried if you two were on your own.
And don't call me Young Master!
I don't really care, but if you don't hurry it up, we're leaving you behind!
Shit! Shit!
Don't underestimate nobles!
Hey, hey.
What sorta place do you think the Mountain King's country is?
There's gotta be a huge castle or something there, right?
No, honestly, I doubt it'll be anything great.
Just by looking at their clothing,
they definitely don't have a high standard of living.
And even if they call it a country,
it's probably nothing more than a slightly larger than average country village.
If we can sneak in, I don't think a rescue would be difficult to pull off.
I get it!
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