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Special? It's only my second day.

- Subaru Natsuki

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Is there no other way to save...
...all, I suppose.
You can do as you like with him now.
I swear...
I'll save you.
Another unfamiliar ceiling.
So they barely managed to save my life,
and these are the scars...
I guess now I owe her yet another debt.
I don't know about that.
This time, you produced results
equal to the effort invested,
so I doubt Lia will think of it as a debt.
Good morning, Subaru.
You say these are results equal to my effort,
but I don't remember anything
after I got nommed on by
those dogs in the forest.
"Nommed on"? That's a cute way to put it.
But it was actually...
Munch, gobble, snarf, chew,
chomp, snap, crunch!
More like that.
With all those sound effects,
I should definitely be dead now.
I think I'm five or six arms short for all that.
Yeah, the blue-haired maid took
care of the rest of the damage.
She was in awful shape.
Though she heals fast, thanks to
her demon transformation.
By the time she carried you
back to the village,
she had no visible injuries.
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