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Rina Akiyama is going out on a picnic with Animemaster1 100%

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Profile Picture for Rina Akiyama

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ID 99921
Wealth Diamonds 1 Sapphires 61 Rubies 1
Role 未ソート
登場作品名 Break: The Rematch
作品形式 h-game
Tags cleavage, teacher, zettai ryouiki
Height 174cm
Bust 95cm
Waist 60cm
Hip 98cm
Age 33
Likes Having control of things
Dislikes Unruly younger people

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Rina Akiyama is a character from the H-Game Break: The Rematch.

They have been indexed as 女性 大人 with 黄色 eyes and 白 hair that is ウエストより下 length.

Appears / (Official)
性別 女性
目の色 黄色
毛の長さ ウエストより下
大まかな年齢区分 大人
みみっこ なし



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