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Lalatina Dustiness Ford : My name is Darkness. (0:00:01.76)
Lalatina Dustiness Ford : My calling is that of a crusader. (0:00:03.88)
Lalatina Dustiness Ford : Would you please... (0:00:06.67)
Lalatina Dustiness Ford : Would you please let me join your p-p-party? (0:00:09.47)
Kazuma Satou : Um... (0:00:16.75)
Lalatina Dustiness Ford : Those two slimy ladies earlier
were allies of yours, right?
Lalatina Dustiness Ford : What in the world did that to them? (0:00:21.89)
Kazuma Satou : Oh, uh... (0:00:23.63)
Kazuma Satou : They were swallowed by
Giant Toads, and the mucus—
Lalatina Dustiness Ford : What?! (0:00:27.08)
Lalatina Dustiness Ford : It's worse than I imagined... (0:00:28.21)
Kazuma Satou : What's with this woman knight? (0:00:31.48)
Lalatina Dustiness Ford : No, wait! (0:00:33.78)
Lalatina Dustiness Ford : As a knight, I cannot overlook
such horrors befalling two girls
Lalatina Dustiness Ford : of such a tender age! (0:00:38.34)
Kazuma Satou : Her eyes are scaring me... (0:00:40.18)
Kazuma Satou : She's setting off my danger radar. (0:00:41.74)
Kazuma Satou : It's telling me something's up with her,
just like Aqua and Megumin.
Kazuma Satou : No, I'd advise against it. (0:00:48.85)
Kazuma Satou : It's hard to say how useful
one of our members is,
Kazuma Satou : another can only use her magic once per day, (0:00:53.71)
Kazuma Satou : and I'm the lowest job class. (0:00:56.98)
Kazuma Satou : Our party's total trash, (0:00:58.57)
Kazuma Satou : so I'd recommend you look elsewhe— Ow, ow, ow! (0:00:59.81)
Lalatina Dustiness Ford : That's even better! (0:01:02.34)
Lalatina Dustiness Ford : The truth is, this was a bit
difficult for me to say,
Lalatina Dustiness Ford : but while I have confidence in my
strength and stamina, I am clumsy...
Lalatina Dustiness Ford : So, um... (0:01:14.06)
Lalatina Dustiness Ford : None of my attacks ever hit their mark. (0:01:15.55)
Kazuma Satou : Looks like my sensor was spot-on. (0:01:18.66)
Lalatina Dustiness Ford : As such, (0:01:21.86)
Lalatina Dustiness Ford : I'll charge to the front line, (0:01:23.21)
Lalatina Dustiness Ford : so please use me as a shield! (0:01:25.00)
Kazuma Satou : Her face is too close! (0:01:26.81)
Kazuma Satou : The negative effects of my long life
as a shut-in are kicking in now?!
Kazuma Satou : No, that isn't it! (0:01:32.04)
Kazuma Satou : This is just too stimulating for
an adolescent virgin like me!
Kazuma Satou : Stay calm... Don't be seduced
by her womanly charms!
Kazuma Satou : No. (0:01:40.83)
Kazuma Satou : I could never use a woman as a shield. (0:01:41.83)
Lalatina Dustiness Ford : It would be my pleasure! (0:01:44.59)
Kazuma Satou : Well, we get eaten by
monsters in every battle.
Lalatina Dustiness Ford : That would be even more my pleasure! (0:01:48.85)
Kazuma Satou : Oh, I get it. (0:01:52.93)
Kazuma Satou : It's not just her abilities.
She's hopeless to the core.
EXTRA : Episode 3 (0:02:46.23)
EXTRA : "A Panty Treasure in This Right Hand!" (0:02:46.23b)
Kazuma Satou : I was so worn out, I slept until noon... (0:03:33.15)
Aqua : Hup! (0:03:35.52)
Aqua : There! (0:03:39.92)
Aqua : Thank you! Thank you! (0:03:46.80)
Aqua : Thank you! (0:03:47.79)
Aqua : Oh, look, Kazuma! (0:03:49.28)
Aqua : What do you think of my newly acquired skill? (0:03:51.04)
Aqua : Isn't it befitting of a
water goddess like myself?
Kazuma Satou : Isn't that a party trick skill,
you low-grade goddess?
EXTRA : KONOSUBA! (0:04:00.73)
Kazuma Satou : You can learn skills with the
points you've saved up, huh?
Kazuma Satou : I'll have to be careful not to
use them on any weird skills.
Megumin : First you get someone to
teach you how to use a skill.
Megumin : Then the entry will appear on your card. (0:04:18.94)
Megumin : If you use your points on that entry,
you'll finish learning it.
Kazuma Satou : Does that mean if I have you teach me, (0:04:25.66)
Kazuma Satou : I could learn to use explosion magic, too? (0:04:28.36)
Megumin : Exactly! (0:04:31.04)
Megumin : That's exactly right, Kazuma! (0:04:32.32)
Megumin : If you want to learn explosion magic, (0:04:34.08)
Megumin : I'll teach you as much as you want! (0:04:35.87)
Megumin : Heck, is there any other skill
more worthwhile to learn?
Megumin : No, there certainly is not! (0:04:41.61)
Megumin : Come, now, and walk the
path of explosions with me!
Kazuma Satou : Her face is too close... (0:04:47.57)
Kazuma Satou : Hey, calm... calm down, little girl! (0:04:49.93)
Kazuma Satou : Besides, I only have three points right now... (0:04:53.16)
Megumin : L-Little girl? (0:04:55.81)
Kazuma Satou : Huh? (0:04:58.12)
Megumin : I'm a little girl? (0:05:08.27)
Kazuma Satou : I wonder if there's some quick and easy skill... (0:05:12.96)
Kazuma Satou : One that'll be a good value,
that doesn't take many points to learn.
Lalatina Dustiness Ford : I've been looking for you. (0:05:18.46)
Kazuma Satou : Oh, no! (0:05:22.30)
Lalatina Dustiness Ford : You said you had too much to drink yesterday (0:05:24.34)
Lalatina Dustiness Ford : and headed straight home... (0:05:26.12)
Kazuma Satou : N-No need to worry! (0:05:27.78)
Kazuma Satou : I was trying to turn her down gently. (0:05:29.94)
Kazuma Satou : Looks like my intentions didn't
get through to her at all!
Lalatina Dustiness Ford : Shall we continue where our
conversation left off yesterday?
Lalatina Dustiness Ford : Please let me join your party— (0:05:38.99)
Kazuma Satou : I refuse. (0:05:40.44)
Lalatina Dustiness Ford : Such a snap decision! (0:05:44.74)
Kazuma Satou : Huh? That made her happy? (0:05:46.93)
Kazuma Satou : She's dangerous! (0:05:48.84)
Chris : That won't do, Darkness. (0:05:51.46)
Chris : You can't be so pushy. (0:05:53.63)
Kazuma Satou : Um, and you are? (0:05:55.70)
Chris : I'm Chris, a thief, as you can see. (0:05:57.83)
Chris : This girl is my friend, I guess? (0:06:01.09)
Kazuma Satou : Thank goodness. (0:06:03.16)
Kazuma Satou : This one seems like a
relatively competent person.
Chris : You seem to be in need of a useful skill. (0:06:06.99)
Chris : How about a thief skill? (0:06:10.12)
Kazuma Satou : Huh? (0:06:12.18)
Chris : It takes very few points to learn,
so it's a good value.
Chris : I'm sure it would come in handy. (0:06:16.04)
Chris : How about it? (0:06:18.49)
Chris : If you act now, I'll do it
for the cost of a drink.
Kazuma Satou : That's cheap! (0:06:21.42)
Kazuma Satou : All right, please do! (0:06:22.88)
Kazuma Satou : Excuse me! One ice-cold drink
for this lady over here!
EXTRA : KONOSUBA! (0:06:30.40)
Chris : So, (0:06:33.23)
Chris : there are all sorts of thief skills,
like "Enemy Detection" and "Lurk,"
Chris : but I recommend this one in particular. (0:06:38.42)
Chris : Here I go. Watch carefully. (0:06:40.54)
Kazuma Satou : Right! I'm ready, Chris-san! (0:06:42.58)
Chris : Steal! (0:06:45.92)
Kazuma Satou : Hey! My coin pouch! (0:06:56.89)
Chris : This is the thief skill "Steal." (0:06:59.07)
Chris : If it's successful, you can take
possession of your opponent's property.
Chris : So that's how you use it. (0:07:04.69)
Kazuma Satou : Huh... (0:07:07.13)
Chris : Hey, want to have a showdown? (0:07:10.65)
Chris : Learn this thief skill yourself, (0:07:13.50)
Chris : then steal this pouch back from me. (0:07:15.40)
Lalatina Dustiness Ford : Hey, isn't that overdoing it a bit? (0:07:17.87)
Chris : He's an adventurer, isn't he? (0:07:20.58)
Chris : Crossing dangerous bridges
comes with the territory.
Kazuma Satou : A high tuition fee, huh? (0:07:26.52)
Kazuma Satou : Still, (0:07:29.02)
Kazuma Satou : this is exactly the sort of exchange between
rowdy adventurers that I've been craving!
Kazuma Satou : At long last, (0:07:35.34)
Kazuma Satou : it's my first adventure-like event
since coming to this world!
Kazuma Satou : Sure! (0:07:40.34)
Chris : Then it's settled. (0:07:41.14)
Chris : Use your adventurer card
and acquire the skill.
Chris : The skills you learned from me
should be displayed there.
Kazuma Satou : Enemy Detection: one point. (0:07:50.10)
Kazuma Satou : Lurk: one point. (0:07:52.28)
Kazuma Satou : Pilfer: one point. (0:07:54.24)
Kazuma Satou : Nature's Beauty... (0:07:56.32)
Kazuma Satou : "Nature's Beauty"? (0:07:57.95)
Lalatina Dustiness Ford : Oh... (0:07:59.20)
Lalatina Dustiness Ford : That's the party trick skill
your ally used earlier.
Kazuma Satou : Five points for a measly party trick? (0:08:05.38)
Kazuma Satou : That's steep! (0:08:07.82)
Kazuma Satou : Yeah, I won't need this. (0:08:08.63)
Chris : Okay! The thief skills you chose are now yours! (0:08:31.07)
Chris : Come at me anytime! (0:08:34.63)
Kazuma Satou : All right! (0:08:35.82)
Kazuma Satou : Whatever I steal from you,
don't cry about it!
Chris : A success will net you this magic dagger. (0:08:40.87)
Chris : It's a fine item that wouldn't go
for less than 400,000 eris.
Kazuma Satou : Wow! (0:08:45.52)
Chris : And the consolation prize will be... (0:08:46.29)
Chris : These rocks! (0:08:48.56)
Kazuma Satou : That's dirty! (0:08:50.71)
Chris : This will greatly lower the odds
that you'll nab the dagger.
Kazuma Satou : Damn. (0:08:56.40)
Kazuma Satou : This really was enlightening. (0:08:57.72)
Kazuma Satou : This isn't Japan. (0:08:59.79)
Kazuma Satou : It's survival of the fittest in this world. (0:09:01.35)
Kazuma Satou : Any gullible fool who gets
tricked has himself to blame.
Kazuma Satou : I'll do it! (0:09:07.26)
Kazuma Satou : Steal! (0:09:09.45)
Kazuma Satou : All right! Looks like it worked! (0:09:16.72)
Kazuma Satou : What's this? (0:09:24.02)
Kazuma Satou : Oh! This is just as great a success! (0:09:27.38)
Kazuma Satou : I hit the jackpot! (0:09:31.21)
Chris : No! G-Give me back my panties! (0:09:34.72)
Lalatina Dustiness Ford : Wh-What a savage act. (0:09:45.00)
Lalatina Dustiness Ford : It appears my eyes didn't lead me astray! (0:09:48.31)
Kazuma Satou : KONOSUBA! (0:09:52.38)
Aqua : Oh, Kazuma. (0:09:54.81)
Aqua : Where have you been? (0:09:56.39)
Aqua : You missed my dazzling tricks. (0:09:57.74)
Aqua : Wait, what's with her? (0:10:00.48)
Kazuma Satou : Actually... (0:10:02.74)
Lalatina Dustiness Ford : Indeed. (0:10:03.67)
Lalatina Dustiness Ford : She's just depressed because,
when she taught Kazuma thief skills,
Lalatina Dustiness Ford : her panties were stripped off, then all
the money she had on her was taken.
Kazuma Satou : Hey, what are you blurting out?! (0:10:12.11)
Chris : He said giving back his coin
pouch wouldn't be enough,
Chris : so I said I'd pay any price (0:10:16.66)
Chris : if he'd just return my panties... (0:10:18.31)
Chris : But then he told me to decide
what they were worth on my own!
Kazuma Satou : Whoa, hold on! Hold on! (0:10:24.45)
Kazuma Satou : You're not wrong, but seriously, hold on! (0:10:26.14)
Chris : He said if I didn't, they'd be revered (0:10:28.23)
Chris : within his family as an heirloom from now on! (0:10:31.24)
Kazuma Satou : Hey! (0:10:34.98)
Kazuma Satou : The eyes of every female adventurer
around us are turning stone-cold!
Kazuma Satou : Seriously, wait a second! (0:10:40.00)
Aqua : So, Kazuma, were you able to learn
the thief skills without any trouble?
Kazuma Satou : Well, see for yourself. (0:10:48.30)
Kazuma Satou : Here I go! (0:10:49.64)
Kazuma Satou : Steal! (0:10:50.58)
Kazuma Satou : What's this? (0:11:05.16)
Kazuma Satou : What happened? (0:11:07.62)
Megumin : Did your stats go up with your level, (0:11:08.76)
Megumin : allowing you to change jobs
from "adventurer" to "pervert"?
Megumin : Um, it's a bit drafty,
so please give me back my panties.
Aqua : Kazuma, you... (0:11:19.32)
Kazuma Satou : H-Huh? That's strange. (0:11:21.03)
Kazuma Satou : What you steal should be random... (0:11:22.94)
Lalatina Dustiness Ford : To strip such a young girl of her panties (0:11:24.84)
Lalatina Dustiness Ford : in a public place is truly savage! (0:11:27.34)
Lalatina Dustiness Ford : I can't let this pass! (0:11:29.82)
Lalatina Dustiness Ford : You must let me join your party! (0:11:32.25)
Kazuma Satou : No, thanks. (0:11:35.42)
Kazuma Satou : This chick is definitely the hopeless type. (0:11:40.72)
Kazuma Satou : I can't let any more weirdos into our party. (0:11:43.56)
Aqua : Hey, Kazuma. (0:11:46.37)
Aqua : Is this the person you mentioned (0:11:47.56)
Aqua : who came for an interview while Megumin
and I were in the bath yesterday?
EXTRA : KONOSUBA! (0:11:53.18)
Megumin : Hey, this lady is a crusader! (0:11:56.33)
Megumin : We shouldn't have any
reason to turn her down.
Kazuma Satou : Crap... (0:12:03.06)
Megumin : Look at this. She's a crusader. (0:12:04.45)
Kazuma Satou : I really didn't want to
let these two meet her.
Kazuma Satou : All right, I guess I can play that card. (0:12:08.85)
Kazuma Satou : Darkness, (0:12:11.37)
Kazuma Satou : there's something I have to tell you. (0:12:12.93)
Kazuma Satou : The thing is... (0:12:16.97)
Kazuma Satou : Aqua and I may not look like much, (0:12:18.62)
Kazuma Satou : but we seriously intend to defeat the Devil King. (0:12:20.49)
Aqua : Uh-huh. (0:12:23.10)
Chris : Oh? (0:12:24.84)
Megumin : You do? (0:12:25.49)
Aqua : Yeah. Awesome, isn't it? (0:12:26.76)
Kazuma Satou : Our adventure is bound to become
more and more rigorous.
Kazuma Satou : For you in particular, Darkness. (0:12:33.26)
Kazuma Satou : If a female knight like you (0:12:34.58)
Kazuma Satou : were to be captured by the
Devil King, it'd be bad news.
Kazuma Satou : You'd be sure to suffer a horrendous fate! (0:12:38.48)
Lalatina Dustiness Ford : Yes, that's exactly right. (0:12:41.82)
Lalatina Dustiness Ford : Since old times, (0:12:44.37)
Lalatina Dustiness Ford : suffering an erotic fate at
the hands of the Devil King
Lalatina Dustiness Ford : has always been the duty and
expectation of a female knight.
Lalatina Dustiness Ford : That alone makes it worthwhile to go! (0:12:50.01)
Kazuma Satou : Wait, what? (0:12:52.08)
Lalatina Dustiness Ford : Huh? What is it? (0:12:53.51)
Lalatina Dustiness Ford : Did I say something strange? (0:12:54.95)
Kazuma Satou : I-I'll take care of this one later! (0:12:57.08)
Kazuma Satou : You listen up, too, Megumin. (0:13:00.91)
Kazuma Satou : Our opponent is the Devil King. (0:13:02.59)
Kazuma Satou : We're picking a fight with the
strongest being in this world.
Kazuma Satou : There's no need to force yourself
to stay in a party like—
Megumin : My name is Megumin! (0:13:11.11)
Megumin : I am a user of the finest magic
crimson demons possess,
Megumin : and I command explosion magic! (0:13:15.27)
Megumin : The Devil King fancies himself superior
to us and dares call himself "strongest"!
Megumin : I shall obliterate his vile presence
with our strongest of magics!
Kazuma Satou : This one's a lost cause, too... (0:13:25.28)
Kazuma Satou : What should I do? (0:13:26.81)
Kazuma Satou : I made these two embarrassing
girls even more motivated.
Aqua : Kazuma, Kazuma... (0:13:30.12)
Aqua : I've kind of gotten cold feet
now that I've heard all this.
Aqua : Isn't there some easier way? (0:13:36.08)
Kazuma Satou : You should be the most motivated of all. (0:13:38.84)
Kazuma Satou : In fact, this concerns you most of all. (0:13:40.70)
Luna : Emergency quest! Emergency quest! (0:13:44.19)
Kazuma Satou : What is it this time? (0:13:47.02)
Luna : All adventurers, please gather
at the front gate at once.
Luna : I repeat: all adventurers, (0:13:51.85)
Luna : please gather at the front gate at once! (0:13:54.52)
EXTRA : They're coming! (0:13:59.74)
EXTRA : It can't be! No one told me
it was happening today!
EXTRA : Don't let the children outside! (0:14:03.73)
EXTRA : Oh, no! Oh, no! (0:14:04.94)
EXTRA : You're all ready for this, right? (0:14:09.67)
EXTRA : Better get psyched up! (0:14:11.66)
Kazuma Satou : What is it? What's coming? (0:14:21.53)
Lalatina Dustiness Ford : I'll protect everyone. (0:14:23.62)
Lalatina Dustiness Ford : Kazuma, stay close to me. (0:14:25.22)
Kazuma Satou : What's the emergency quest? (0:14:26.90)
Kazuma Satou : Is it a monster attack? (0:14:28.83)
Aqua : Didn't they say? It's cabbage. Cabbage! (0:14:30.38)
Kazuma Satou : Huh? (0:14:33.46)
Megumin : Looks like it'll be rough this year... (0:14:36.91)
Megumin : A storm is coming. (0:14:38.73)
EXTRA : Harvest time! (0:14:42.79)
Aqua : Bring out the mayonnaise! (0:14:45.53)
Kazuma Satou : What the hell is this?! (0:14:54.85)
EXTRA : Cabbage, cabbage! (0:14:58.29)
EXTRA : Compulsory Quest (0:14:59.96)
EXTRA : Defeat All the Cabbages
Flying into the City
EXTRA : Go! (0:15:02.96)
Aqua : In this world, cabbages fly. (0:15:06.10)
Aqua : When they reach optimal flavor
and harvest season approaches,
Aqua : they don't just sit back and
let themselves be eaten.
Aqua : It's said they careen through
the cities and grasslands,
Aqua : cross the continent and ocean, (0:15:19.48)
Aqua : and finally quietly pass away (0:15:22.21)
Aqua : in a secluded region unknown
to man, without being eaten.
Aqua : If that's the case, (0:15:35.48)
Aqua : let's catch as many as possible, (0:15:37.52)
Aqua : and make them into delicious meals to eat! (0:15:41.12)
Luna : Everyone! (0:15:44.84)
Luna : The annual cabbage harvesting
season has arrived!
Luna : This year's cabbages are of fine quality, (0:15:49.34)
Luna : and will go for 10,000
eris per head harvested!
Luna : Please capture as many cabbages
as you can and lock them up here!
Kazuma Satou : Can I just go home and go to bed? (0:16:00.23)
Lalatina Dustiness Ford : Kazuma. (0:16:03.26)
Lalatina Dustiness Ford : This is a perfect opportunity. (0:16:04.96)
Lalatina Dustiness Ford : See my ability as a crusader
with your own eyes.
Kazuma Satou : She's not hitting a single one! (0:16:26.88)
Lalatina Dustiness Ford : Look out! (0:16:38.39)
Lalatina Dustiness Ford : I'll handle this! Get away while you can! (0:16:52.30)
Kazuma Satou : Darkness! (0:16:55.41)
Lalatina Dustiness Ford : Wh-What?! (0:17:03.03)
Kazuma Satou : Her armor! (0:17:05.21)
EXTRA : I-It's no use! (0:17:07.96)
EXTRA : Run away by yourself! (0:17:09.13)
Lalatina Dustiness Ford : Don't be foolish! (0:17:11.01)
Kazuma Satou : Darkness, you... (0:17:14.19)
Lalatina Dustiness Ford : How could I ever abandon (0:17:17.86)
Lalatina Dustiness Ford : those who have fallen?! (0:17:20.60)
EXTRA : She's a model knight! (0:17:24.33)
EXTRA : Hurry and run away, Lady Knight! (0:17:26.15)
Lalatina Dustiness Ford : They're watching me... (0:17:32.52)
Lalatina Dustiness Ford : These uncultured men (0:17:37.22)
Lalatina Dustiness Ford : are looking at my skin and getting aroused! (0:17:39.33)
Lalatina Dustiness Ford : How shameful! (0:17:42.19)
Lalatina Dustiness Ford : So filthy! (0:17:44.92)
Lalatina Dustiness Ford : Incredible! (0:17:46.84)
Kazuma Satou : She's enjoying it?! (0:17:47.67)
EXTRA : I can't believe she's going to
such lengths to protect him!
EXTRA : As a knight, I must learn from her example. (0:17:52.00)
Kazuma Satou : No! You guys have it all wrong! (0:17:54.38)
Megumin : None can stand in opposition
of my lethal explosion magic.
Kazuma Satou : She's gonna give people the wrong idea, too! (0:18:03.03)
Megumin : Could I possibly resist the urge
to unleash explosion magic
Megumin : when faced with such a massive enemy army? (0:18:10.71)
Megumin : No, I can't! (0:18:14.79)
Kazuma Satou : Yes, you can! (0:18:15.74)
Megumin : Oh, blackness shrouded in light... (0:18:17.50)
Megumin : Frenzied blaze clad in night... (0:18:19.87)
Megumin : In the name of the crimson demons, (0:18:22.41)
Megumin : let the collapse of thine origin manifest. (0:18:23.83)
Megumin : Summon before me the root of
thy power hidden within the lands
Megumin : of the kingdom of demise! (0:18:30.84)
Megumin : Explosion! (0:18:33.36)
EXTRA : Special Bonus (0:18:56.94)
EXTRA : Abundant Cabbage Harvest (0:18:56.94b)
EXTRA : Well, we won't run short on
vegetables for a good while!
Kazuma Satou : I refuse to accept this. (0:19:03.20)
Kazuma Satou : How can a simple cabbage stir-fry be so tasty? (0:19:06.95)
Kazuma Satou : I didn't come to a parallel
world to fight cabbage.
Aqua : I'd expect no less from a crusader. (0:19:15.13)
Aqua : It's no surprise that (0:19:17.85)
Aqua : those cabbages had a tough time
breaching your iron-clad defenses.
Lalatina Dustiness Ford : No, I'm just a solidly-built woman. (0:19:22.66)
Lalatina Dustiness Ford : Becoming a wall to protect
someone is all I'm good for.
Megumin : Aqua's Nature's Beauty was splendid, as well. (0:19:29.88)
Megumin : She boosted the morale of all the adventurers, (0:19:32.87)
Megumin : and preserved the freshness of the
harvested cabbage with cold water.
Aqua : Nature's Beauty! (0:19:38.64)
Aqua : Nature's Beauty! (0:19:40.89)
Aqua : It was nothing. (0:19:43.71)
Aqua : Here! (0:19:44.40)
Aqua : That's only natural for an arch
priest who heals everyone.
Aqua : Here! (0:19:45.79)
Aqua : Here! (0:19:46.92)
EXTRA : Thank you. (0:19:47.36)
Kazuma Satou : Is that important? (0:19:48.00)
Aqua : An arch priest's magical water is very pure! (0:19:50.00)
Kazuma Satou : Really? (0:19:53.17)
Lalatina Dustiness Ford : Megumin's magic was astounding, too! (0:19:53.43)
Kazuma Satou : Really? (0:19:55.44)
Megumin : You blew away the entire swarm
of cabbages in a single blow!
Kazuma Satou : Really? (0:19:58.89)
Megumin : Have you now seen the power of
the crimson demon bloodline?
Lalatina Dustiness Ford : Impressive. (0:20:02.13)
Lalatina Dustiness Ford : Yes. I've never taken a direct
hit with such firepower before.
Kazuma Satou : Don't let her hit you directly! (0:20:06.17)
Aqua : Oh, Kazuma! (0:20:15.05)
Aqua : You weren't half bad yourself! (0:20:16.63)
Megumin : Indeed. (0:20:19.34)
Megumin : When you erase your presence
with the Lurk skill
Kazuma Satou : Steal! (0:20:22.71)
Megumin : and attack the enemy from behind with Steal, (0:20:22.71b)
Megumin : you look just like a skilled assassin. (0:20:26.08)
Aqua : Kazuma, by my name, (0:20:29.28)
Aqua : I hereby confer upon you the title
of "The Great Cabbage Thief."
Kazuma Satou : Oh, shut up! (0:20:35.60)
Kazuma Satou : Jeez, how did things end up like this? (0:20:36.97)
Lalatina Dustiness Ford : Most importantly, you now understand
my abilities as a crusader.
Lalatina Dustiness Ford : So, once more... (0:20:45.22)
Lalatina Dustiness Ford : My name is Darkness. (0:20:46.94)
Lalatina Dustiness Ford : I can use swords with either hand, (0:20:48.46)
Lalatina Dustiness Ford : but don't expect me to be
a powerhouse in battle.
Lalatina Dustiness Ford : I'm far too clumsy, and my attacks
hardly ever hit their mark.
Lalatina Dustiness Ford : However, I'm very good at becoming a wall! (0:20:56.99)
Aqua : Our party is turning out to have
a pretty impressive roster, huh?
Aqua : There's me, an arch priest, (0:21:04.67)
Aqua : Megumin, an arch wizard, (0:21:06.69)
Aqua : and Darkness, a crusader. (0:21:08.41)
Aqua : There aren't many parties where three out
of four members are advanced job classes!
Lalatina Dustiness Ford : I'm looking forward to working with you. (0:21:17.86)
Kazuma Satou : I wouldn't have any real reason to refuse
if she were a normal ally, either.
Aqua : Yes, pleased to have you. (0:21:19.52)
Kazuma Satou : She's gorgeous, after all. But still... (0:21:21.84)
Lalatina Dustiness Ford : So, Kazuma, please don't hesitate to use me (0:21:25.67)
Lalatina Dustiness Ford : as a decoy or wall anytime from now on. (0:21:28.43)
Kazuma Satou : She's one of those people... (0:21:32.04)
Kazuma Satou : A total masochist. (0:21:33.34)
Kazuma Satou : Although this seems like a perfect
lineup, it's anything but.
Kazuma Satou : I foresee nothing but hardships in our future... (0:21:38.99)
Lalatina Dustiness Ford : If I should do anything to hold back the party, (0:21:42.41)
Lalatina Dustiness Ford : please reprimand me sternly. (0:21:44.83)
Lalatina Dustiness Ford : You may even abandon me as
a sacrificial pawn if you wish.
Lalatina Dustiness Ford : J-Just imagining it makes me
tremble with excitement!
Lalatina Dustiness Ford : Once again, I'm looking
forward to working with you!
Kazuma Satou : To my teacher at school.
I'm currently learning in a parallel world...
The workings of its society, what it is to be human, and what it means to be alive.
It makes me grateful that all the wonderful events
transpiring here make me grow as a person.
I'm so grateful, it makes me tear up.
There isn't a single night I haven't soaked my pillow in tears.
Uh, I mean that in a good way. A good way, okay?

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