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Kazuma Satou : Explosions, explosions, la la la! (0:00:02.53)
Megumin : Explosions, explosions, la la la! (0:00:02.53)
Kazuma Satou : Explosions, explosions, la la la! (0:00:06.14)
Megumin : Explosions, explosions, la la la! (0:00:06.14)
Kazuma Satou : Explosions, explosions, la la la! (0:00:09.77)
Megumin : Explosions, explosions, la la la! (0:00:09.77)
Kazuma Satou : Despite still being a suspect,
my daily routine with Megumin continued.
Megumin : Explosion! (0:00:14.96)
Kazuma Satou : On rainy days... (0:00:20.09)
Megumin : ...losion! (0:00:21.50)
Kazuma Satou : And on snowy days... (0:00:25.34)
Megumin : ...sion! (0:00:26.88)
Kazuma Satou : Even on peaceful afternoons! (0:00:30.11)
Megumin : ...n! (0:00:32.30)
Megumin : What do you think of this lovely rainbow? (0:00:40.68)
Megumin : I give it 120 points! (0:00:43.26)
Kazuma Satou : What am I even doing? (0:00:48.59)
Kazuma Satou : I can't keep this up! (0:00:51.04)
God's Blessing on this Wonderful World! 2
EXTRA : Episode 3 Peace for the Master of This Labyrinth! (0:02:23.08)
EXTRA : The food is great! (0:02:24.23)
EXTRA : And this booze is the best! (0:02:24.47)
Kazuma Satou : Tomorrow we're going to a dungeon. (0:02:33.26)
Megumin : No. (0:02:34.79)
Kazuma Satou : We are. (0:02:35.79)
Megumin : No, no way! (0:02:37.06)
Kazuma Satou : We are! We are! (0:02:37.28)
Megumin : I mean, I'm practically
useless inside a dungeon!
Megumin : I can't use explosion magic, (0:02:41.85)
Megumin : which makes me an ordinary civilian! (0:02:43.83)
Kazuma Satou : Remember when you joined up with us, (0:02:46.25)
Kazuma Satou : and you said you'd carry our bags,
or whatever we needed?
Aqua : Hey, can't we wait until Darkness gets back? (0:02:52.88)
Kazuma Satou : Listen to me! (0:02:56.40)
Kazuma Satou : Right now, we've got as much
debt as some countries!
Kazuma Satou : If we don't do something,
we'll starve to death!
Aqua : Even though I'm being paid more now
for folding those milk cartons?
Kazuma Satou : How can you guys not understand this?! (0:03:02.03)
Kazuma Satou : Stupid! (0:03:03.57)
Kazuma Satou : Are you stupid?! Of course you are! (0:03:04.22)
Aqua : Even though I've been selling
vegetables non-stop?
Kazuma Satou : Those side and part-time jobs (0:03:07.54)
Kazuma Satou : are never going to bring us
the kind of money we need!
Aqua : For beginners... Keele's Dungeon? (0:03:13.64)
Megumin : Hasn't this place been
thoroughly explored already?
Luna : Well, the thing is... (0:03:18.85)
Luna : Recently, a new passage was
discovered by accident,
Luna : so there was going to be a large-scale
quest to escort the survey team...
Kazuma Satou : But I asked her to give us the first crack at it. (0:03:29.40)
Luna : That being the case, the other
adventurers don't know about it yet.
Megumin : I see... Then there might still be
treasure in the unexplored areas.
Aqua : Treasure?! (0:03:42.09)
Dust : What? Hey, are you guys talking about a score? (0:03:42.96)
Kazuma Satou : It's a very serious matter. (0:03:48.37)
Kazuma Satou : I don't want to drag you into it. (0:03:50.72)
Dust : Hey, this expires tonight! (0:03:52.73)
Kazuma Satou : Make good use of it. (0:03:55.52)
Dust : I've got it! (0:03:58.14)
Kazuma Satou : We finally have a chance
to make some real money.
Kazuma Satou : We can't afford to have anyone mess it up. (0:04:05.71)
Luna : Anyway, there's no telling
how dangerous it might be,
Luna : so watch yourselves out there. (0:04:10.55)
Luna : KONOSUBA... (0:04:12.35)
EXTRA : Exploration Quest (0:04:15.85)
EXTRA : Keele's Dungeon
Investigate the newly discovered route
Difficulty Level: Unknown
Aqua : For a lowbie dungeon,
it's annoyingly far from town.
Megumin : Being this far from civilization,
I can blow up whatever I want!
Kazuma Satou : We're going underground, so you'd better not. (0:04:28.86)
Kazuma Satou : Seriously, don't. (0:04:31.58)
Megumin : Long, long ago, this dungeon was created
by the kingdom's greatest arch wizard.
Megumin : Why do you suppose he holed
up in a place like this?
Kazuma Satou : Beats me. (0:04:43.78)
Kazuma Satou : Must be hard to rest in peace when people
are constantly digging around in your house.
Kazuma Satou : All right... (0:04:49.42)
Kazuma Satou : I'll head in first. You guys wait here. (0:04:51.26)
Kazuma Satou : I've got the thief skills
"Enemy Detection" and "Lurk."
Kazuma Satou : By using them, I can avoid enemies
while I explore the dungeon.
Kazuma Satou : Then there's "Foresight." (0:05:12.29)
Kazuma Satou : With it, I can navigate through
dark spaces with ease!
Kazuma Satou : All thanks to one of the few
advantages of the adventurer class:
Kazuma Satou : the ability to use skills from other classes. (0:05:27.61)
Kazuma Satou : It's times like these when you need
to capitalize on your strengths...
Aqua : Hey, hey, are you seriously able to see? (0:05:34.72)
Kazuma Satou : Yes, I am. (0:05:39.10)
Kazuma Satou : Were you listening at all? (0:05:41.00)
Kazuma Satou : You came in here with me, but you
can't even do anything in the dark.
Aqua : Have you forgotten who I am? (0:05:47.25)
Aqua : This arch priest identity is just an alter-ego. (0:05:49.52)
Aqua : Go on, say it. (0:05:52.09)
Aqua : Megumin and Darkness might be
too stubborn to believe it, but...
Aqua : Go on, state my real class. (0:05:56.91)
Kazuma Satou : Debt goddess? (0:05:59.55)
Aqua : No! I'm a water goddess, remember?! (0:06:01.05)
Aqua : In spite of everything, I'm still a goddess! (0:06:03.88)
Aqua : I may have lost some of my powers
down here among mortals,
Aqua : but I still have a godlike
power or two up my sleeve!
Aqua : I might not be omniscient, but a little
darkness will be a piece of cake!
Aqua : Man, these really are all empty. (0:06:17.49)
Kazuma Satou : Perhaps she can actually see, but... (0:06:20.89)
Aqua : Ow! (0:06:22.85)
Kazuma Satou : Who knows what trouble
her bungling will cause?
Aqua : The thing with dungeons is that
there are always undead in them.
Aqua : And they stalk the living by
following their life force.
Aqua : Which means that the Lurk skill isn't
going to work on undead monsters.
Aqua : So I just have to go with you, don't I? (0:06:38.18)
Kazuma Satou : Oh? (0:06:42.30)
Aqua : Treasure, treasure, la la la, treasure! (0:06:43.58)
Kazuma Satou : Seriously, I have an awful feeling about this! (0:06:45.48)
Megumin : My power... (0:06:50.43)
Megumin : My weapon...? (0:06:52.65)
Megumin : My madness? (0:06:54.08)
Megumin : Let my madness manifest! (0:06:56.75)
Megumin : Explos— (0:06:59.35)
Kazuma Satou : This is it... (0:07:04.57)
Aqua : So this is where the unexplored
territory starts, huh?
Aqua : Maybe it's littered with treasure! (0:07:15.67)
Kazuma Satou : We're gonna be trouble if it's not. (0:07:17.72)
Kazuma Satou : All right, come on. (0:07:20.33)
Aqua : Hey, if my keen eyes aren't deceiving me, (0:07:35.91)
Aqua : it looks very much like you're
shaking in fear with each step.
Kazuma Satou : Well, for the record, (0:07:42.74)
Kazuma Satou : I can see you pitifully freaking out
at every little sound we hear, too.
Aqua : Even in here, I can still run away, (0:07:49.08)
Aqua : so if you detect any monsters, let me know. (0:07:51.76)
Aqua : And don't think you can get away with
touching my butt in the darkness, either.
Kazuma Satou : Would you like to know what
I'm thinking about right now?
Kazuma Satou : I'm considering how plausible it would be (0:08:01.53)
Kazuma Satou : to ditch you down here in
the depths of the dungeon.
Aqua : Oh, Kazuma, you're such a joker! Tee-hee! (0:08:09.98)
Kazuma Satou : Aqua, you dummy. (0:08:14.03)
Kazuma Satou : Haven't you known me long enough by
now to know I'm not playing around?
Kazuma Satou : Something's coming. (0:08:24.89)
Kazuma Satou : My Enemy Detection is picking it up. (0:08:26.23)
Kazuma Satou : Shh. (0:08:28.71)
Aqua : What? What is that? (0:08:31.49)
Aqua : Are you showing me shadow puppets? (0:08:32.55)
Aqua : Okay, put a light on! (0:08:34.46)
Aqua : Forget your silly little
fox and rabbit shadows.
Aqua : I'll show you a perfect
mobile fortress Destroyer!
Kazuma Satou : That's not it! (0:08:41.39)
Kazuma Satou : That gesture meant "an enemy
is coming, so let's run away!"
Kazuma Satou : What the hell was that? (0:08:55.69)
Kazuma Satou : I could see its shape with Foresight,
but not what it actually was...
Aqua : That's a low-level demon called a gremlin. (0:09:02.70)
Aqua : You sometimes get weak demons
in dungeons like these.
Kazuma Satou : Wait, so you can actually see
pretty well in this darkness?
Aqua : As well as I can in daylight. (0:09:13.11)
Kazuma Satou : You said before that you'd
heard me rustling around
Kazuma Satou : when we were sleeping in the stables... (0:09:18.02)
Aqua : I didn't see what. (0:09:19.87)
Aqua : Once I heard you rustling around,
I turned the other way to try and sleep.
Kazuma Satou : Thank you for that, Aqua-sama. (0:09:26.67)
Kazuma Satou : Oh, it's just some adventurer's corpse. (0:09:48.30)
Kazuma Satou : So someone else has made it this far before? (0:09:50.98)
Kazuma Satou : I wonder what's up ahead. (0:09:54.95)
Aqua : Kazuma, wait a second. (0:09:57.37)
Aqua : Oh, lost soul who died with
unfulfilled ambitions...
Aqua : Go, rest in peace. (0:10:04.65)
Aqua : That should do it. (0:10:12.99)
Kazuma Satou : Aqua, something's up with you today... (0:10:14.88)
Aqua : Kazuma, I can't believe you went, "Phwah!" (0:10:16.95)
Aqua : After playing tough and coming in
here alone, you're like, "Phwah!"
Kazuma Satou : Maybe I really should ditch her. (0:10:23.72)
Megumin : Burst forth! Explosion! (0:10:34.91)
Kazuma Satou : Normally, this kind of thing
involves watching for traps,
Kazuma Satou : keeping your eyes peeled for monsters, (0:10:45.32)
Kazuma Satou : and mapping each room, one by one,
while carefully proceeding.
Kazuma Satou : What we're doing probably
seems like heresy to people
Kazuma Satou : who take dungeon crawling seriously. (0:10:54.96)
Kazuma Satou : Nothing good... (0:10:59.40)
Aqua : Hey, Kazuma. (0:11:00.98)
Kazuma Satou : Yes, Kazuma here. (0:11:02.20)
Aqua : When you put it that way,
you make me feel like a burglar.
Kazuma Satou : Don't say that. (0:11:06.70)
Kazuma Satou : I'm feeling kind of guilty about that myself. (0:11:07.97)
Aqua : Hey, treasure! There's treasure! (0:11:12.27)
Aqua : A treasure chest! We did it! (0:11:13.96)
Kazuma Satou : Hey, slow down! (0:11:16.39)
Kazuma Satou : Obvious treasure chests like that tend to be... (0:11:17.76)
Kazuma Satou : Yeah, my Enemy Detection skill is going off. (0:11:22.98)
Kazuma Satou : D-Disgusting! (0:11:39.26)
Aqua : I remember the Guild people saying
to be careful of Dungeon Mimics...
Aqua : Some of them even (0:11:45.71)
Aqua : pretend to be humans in order
to prey on other monsters.
Kazuma Satou : Monsters, too?! Talk about nasty! (0:11:50.06)
Kazuma Satou : The struggle of natural selection
even shows up in dungeons...
Kazuma Satou : This world really is a rough place. (0:11:57.43)
Lalatina Dustiness Ford : S-Stop that! (0:12:01.31)
Lalatina Dustiness Ford : Don't! You can't! (0:12:02.87)
Lalatina Dustiness Ford : Trying to put me into something so shameful... (0:12:04.15)
Lalatina Dustiness Ford : Curse you! (0:12:06.56)
Lalatina Dustiness Ford : I'll kill you! (0:12:08.03)
Aqua : Turn Undead! (0:12:12.72)
Aqua : Souls that wander this dark, cold dungeon. (0:12:18.74)
Aqua : You may rest in peace now. (0:12:23.15)
Kazuma Satou : Something's different about Aqua today! (0:12:25.22)
Kazuma Satou : She looks like a goddess you could take
out in public and not be ashamed of!
Kazuma Satou : Master! (0:12:32.32)
Aqua : Turn Undead! (0:12:32.91)
Kazuma Satou : Master! (0:12:34.74)
Aqua : Turn Undead! (0:12:35.41)
Kazuma Satou : Master! (0:12:37.59)
Aqua : Turn Undead! Turn Undead! Turn Undead!
Turn Undead! Turn Undead!
Aqua : Nature's Beauty! (0:12:43.08)
Aqua : God Blow! (0:12:44.43)
Kazuma Satou : Man, you've been a huge help. (0:12:55.34)
Kazuma Satou : I really would've been in
trouble if I'd been alone.
Aqua : Oh? Finally realizing how great I am? (0:12:59.39)
Aqua : You can praise me even more, if you want. (0:13:02.88)
Kazuma Satou : But doesn't this seem weird to you? (0:13:05.61)
Aqua : What do you mean? (0:13:08.04)
Kazuma Satou : There are so many undead around. (0:13:09.12)
Kazuma Satou : No party could've made it through
here without an arch priest...
Aqua : Wait. (0:13:15.14)
Aqua : I can still smell undead in the area. (0:13:16.03)
Aqua : Sniff, sniff... Sniff, sniff... Sniff, sniff.... (0:13:18.86)
Aqua : Sniff, sniff... Sniff, sniff... (0:13:20.96)
Aqua : Sniff, sniff, sniff.... (0:13:22.63)
Aqua : Sniff, sniff, sniff.... (0:13:24.29)
Aqua : That's weird. I definitely smell something. (0:13:25.82)
Kazuma Satou : Hey, are you okay? (0:13:32.56)
Keele : Is there a priest among you? (0:13:34.21)
Keele : My name is Keele. I built this dungeon
and kidnapped a noble's daughter.
Keele : I am an evil wizard. (0:13:49.07)
EXTRA : Great wizard Keele. (0:13:55.19)
EXTRA : For your contributions to this kingdom, (0:13:57.70)
EXTRA : you will be granted one wish. (0:14:00.47)
Keele : I have but one wish... (0:14:05.00)
Keele : For my beloved to no longer
suffer, but to be happy.
EXTRA : You wretch! (0:14:14.31)
Keele : She was married off for
political reasons, you see.
Keele : But the king showed her no love, (0:14:19.93)
Keele : and she was treated poorly within the palace. (0:14:22.29)
Keele : That being the case... (0:14:25.33)
Keele : If he had no use for her,
why not let me take her away?
Keele : So I says that to him and run off with her! (0:14:31.42)
Kazuma Satou : In other words, you're not an
evil wizard, but a good one?
Keele : Rather, I was one! (0:14:40.42)
Keele : And when I proposed,
she immediately accepted!
Keele : While we were eloping, I found myself
facing off against the whole kingdom!
Keele : Oh, those were glorious days. (0:14:53.37)
Keele : By the way, that's her right over there. (0:14:56.37)
Keele : Well? Doesn't she have the
most beautiful clavicle?
Kazuma Satou : I'm not sure what to say. (0:15:05.12)
Keele : Beautiful! Beautiful! Beautiful! (0:15:05.49)
Aqua : She managed to pass on in peace. (0:15:06.78)
Keele : That being the case,
I've a favor to ask of you.
Kazuma Satou : A favor? (0:15:12.20)
Keele : Yes. (0:15:13.26)
Keele : Would you purify me? (0:15:14.61)
Keele : The young lady is a priest with
enough power to do so, correct?
Kazuma Satou : It seems that Keele was gravely
injured while protecting his lady,
Kazuma Satou : and in order to keep her safe, (0:15:32.52)
Kazuma Satou : he abandoned his humanity and became a lich. (0:15:34.27)
Kazuma Satou : And in spite of myself, I thought
that this lich was a pretty cool guy.
Aqua : Okay, everything's ready. (0:15:43.80)
Keele : I'm really grateful. (0:15:45.90)
Keele : Unfortunately, undead can't do anything
as surreal as killing themselves.
Keele : While I was waiting to slowly decay,
I sensed a tremendous holy power
Keele : and was snapped out of my long slumber! (0:15:55.85)
Aqua : Arch Wizard Keele, who forsook god's
law and willingly became a lich...
Aqua : In the name of the goddess of water,
Aqua, your sin is forgiven.
Kazuma Satou : Who in the world is this? (0:16:14.88)
Aqua : When you awaken, you will
likely meet a goddess
Aqua : with unnaturally large breasts, named Eris. (0:16:20.72)
Aqua : If a difference in age doesn't matter to you, (0:16:23.56)
Aqua : or the trappings of man and woman, (0:16:25.64)
Aqua : and you'll accept whatever form it may take... (0:16:27.50)
Aqua : Then ask for her help in
meeting your beloved again.
Aqua : I'm sure she'll make your wish come true. (0:16:34.59)
Keele : Thank you so much. (0:16:38.38)
Aqua : Sacred Turn Undead. (0:16:43.90)
Keele : Dear wife, I'm coming soon. (0:16:54.67)
Kazuma Satou : Let's head back. (0:17:06.69)
Kazuma Satou : With the treasure Keele gave us,
we left the chamber.
Kazuma Satou : Hey, Aqua. (0:17:18.07)
Aqua : What's up? (0:17:19.04)
Kazuma Satou : That guy said he woke up because
he sensed a tremendous holy power.
Aqua : Yep. (0:17:24.96)
Kazuma Satou : We didn't run into all
those undead back there
Kazuma Satou : because of you, did we? (0:17:29.16)
Aqua : I-I-I don't... think that's... the case... (0:17:34.86)
Kazuma Satou : That reminds me, when the dullahan attacked, (0:17:42.94)
Kazuma Satou : didn't his undead minions go after you? (0:17:45.97)
Aqua : H-Hey, Kazuma... (0:17:48.99)
Aqua : Why are you moving so far away? (0:17:50.83)
Aqua : Shouldn't we stick together
in case a monster attacks?
Aqua : If you're trying to ditch me down here, (0:18:01.00)
Aqua : that's not gonna happen! (0:18:03.81)
Kazuma Satou : Hey, let go! (0:18:04.19)
Aqua : You can't make it back on your own (0:18:05.59)
Aqua : without me to fight off the undead! (0:18:07.52)
Aqua : Please don't leave me behind! (0:18:09.45)
Kazuma Satou : Then you really did draw those undead to us?! (0:18:11.27)
Aqua : You can't leave me!
There're other monsters down here, too!
Aqua : Don't leave me alone! (0:18:16.87)
Kazuma Satou : Lurk... (0:18:25.43)
Aqua : Wait! (0:18:26.81)
Aqua : Hang on, Kazuma! (0:18:27.79)
Aqua : Why are you only using Lurk on yourself?! (0:18:29.11)
Aqua : You wouldn't really... Cut the cruel jokes! (0:18:31.24)
Aqua : I'm sorry, I'm so sorry!
I shouldn't have done it!
Aqua : I'm sorry, so use Lurk on me, too! (0:18:36.57)
Aqua : I'm sorry, Kazuma! (0:18:39.32)
Aqua : Please, Kazuma-sama! (0:18:40.78)
Aqua : KONOSUBA! (0:18:45.20)
Megumin : May I ask what happened? (0:18:48.39)
Aqua : It was Kazuma! (0:18:52.25)
Kazuma Satou : Don't blame me! It's your fault
for being catnip to undead!
Aqua : Kazuma, he... (0:18:53.38)
Aqua : It's not my fault! (0:18:58.41)
Aqua : I was born divine and overflowing
with vital energy!
Aqua : Or what are you saying? (0:19:04.67)
Aqua : Am I supposed to lower my holy aura
to that of Kazuma, the shut-in NEET?!
Aqua : Think about how sad all the
devout Axis cult members
Aqua : scattered throughout the world would feel! (0:19:13.43)
Kazuma Satou : She doesn't even feel a bit guilty! (0:19:15.95)
Kazuma Satou : You could learn a lesson about
spiritual purity from those two!
Aqua : A shut-in NEET is telling a goddess
to take cues from a pair of undead?!
EXTRA : Keele's Dungeon
Exploration Complete
Special Bonus: Keele's Treasure
EXTRA : Today's Results (0:19:27.06)
Kazuma Satou : Cheers! (0:19:33.07)
Aqua : Cheers! (0:19:33.07)
Megumin : Cheers! (0:19:33.07)
Megumin : This proves chances are worth taking,
even if they seem unlikely!
Aqua : And thanks to me, it was a huge success! (0:19:38.77)
Aqua : We can divide up the spoils 9:1. (0:19:41.53)
Kazuma Satou : Idiot! All of this is going toward our debt! (0:19:43.29)
Aqua : But we can at least order refills today, right? (0:19:46.19)
Aqua : Excuse me! Keep the drinks coming! (0:19:48.72)
Megumin : All I did was wait at the entrance,
so it doesn't feel like I deserve it,
Megumin : but thanks for— (0:19:56.27)
Kazuma Satou : You're too young for that! (0:19:56.84)
Megumin : That's no fair! (0:19:59.04)
Megumin : Please let me drink some! Come on! (0:20:00.25)
Megumin : A little bit couldn't hurt! (0:20:03.58)
Kazuma Satou : Nope! (0:20:03.85)
Aqua : I can't handle these part-time
jobs anymore! We gotta do quests!
Aqua : Hup! Nature's Beauty! (0:20:09.29)
EXTRA : There it is! (0:20:11.51)
Kazuma Satou : Miss, you really did us
a huge favor this time.
Kazuma Satou : This is on me. Please enjoy. (0:20:18.05)
Luna : Uh, thanks... (0:20:21.67)
Dust : You're paying?! (0:20:22.72)
EXTRA : Seriously?! (0:20:24.01)
Dust : Hey, guys! Drinks are on Kazuma tonight! (0:20:24.95)
EXTRA : You can bet on Kazuma! He always
comes through when it counts!
EXTRA : That's Kazuma-san for you! (0:20:32.35)
EXTRA : Kazuma! Kazuma! Kazuma! (0:20:33.83)
EXTRA : Kazuma! Kazuma! Kazuma! (0:20:36.96)
Kazuma Satou : All right! Everybody drink up! (0:20:38.40)
EXTRA : Hey, Kazuma! Do that thing! (0:20:41.48)
Kazuma Satou : Well, since you asked! (0:20:43.83)
EXTRA : Steal! Steal! Steal! (0:20:50.72)
Kazuma Satou : Steal! (0:20:54.78)
Chris : Kazuma's paying for drinks? (0:20:57.66)
Chris : No! (0:21:05.05)
Chris : Give me back my panties! (0:21:07.08)
Dust : Steal! Steal! (0:21:12.41)
EXTRA : Stop it! (0:21:14.42)
Dust : I can use Steal, too! Steal! Steal! (0:21:14.59)
Megumin : Good grief... (0:21:20.16)
YunYun : M-Megumin! (0:21:22.27)
YunYun : Wh-What a coincidence, running into you here! (0:21:24.31)
YunYun : How lucky! (0:21:26.31)
YunYun : Today we'll duel with these! (0:21:27.87)
Megumin : Very well! Challenge accepted! (0:21:32.03)
Dust : Garter belt! (0:21:33.52)
Chris : Give them back! (0:21:37.21)
Kazuma Satou : This doesn't pay my debt, and I'm
still under suspicion, but...
Kazuma Satou : It's kinda fun! (0:21:41.79)
Kazuma Satou : I actually feel like an adventurer! (0:21:43.23)
Aqua : We're gonna drink 'til morning, people! (0:21:46.77)
EXTRA : Yeah! (0:21:49.14)
Kazuma Satou : What am I even doing? (0:21:56.84)
Kazuma Satou : I can't keep this up! (0:21:58.93)
Megumin : Roar, storms! Echo, thunder! Shake this world, and all be blown away!
With one blast, no enemies remain. Flowers bloom, butterflies dance,
Grandpa's rheumatoid arthritis is cured, the dead rise, and you shed tears of joy.
Now, to share with your family, enjoy the wonder of explosion magic! Remember to
follow the rules. Try and avoid using it in the vicinity of people and their homes.
Remember to use it in a safe environment. Always have parental supervision.
Limit use to one per day. All in the name o
EXTRA : Episode 4 (0:23:31.01b)
Megumin : Roar, storms! Echo, thunder! (0:23:32.10)
Megumin : Shake this world, and all be blown away! (0:23:34.56)
Megumin : With one blast, no enemies remain. (0:23:36.93)
Megumin : Flowers bloom, butterflies dance, (0:23:38.64)
Megumin : Grandpa's rheu— (0:23:40.23)

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