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Name Waifu of
Jibril Tuskact9
NTR'd 22076 times
Laura Bodewig Shinn_Yuu
NTR'd 19694 times
Elma Eikei
NTR'd 18913 times
Asagi Igawa rpgguy999
NTR'd 15872 times
Minamoto no Raikou Tassen
NTR'd 15576 times
Louise Francoise le Blanc de la Valliere must_zen
NTR'd 14867 times
Naomi Evans rpgguy999
NTR'd 11670 times
Kilia Jech rpgguy999
NTR'd 11419 times
Rem SKyongmania
NTR'd 10674 times
Sakura Igawa rpgguy999
NTR'd 10090 times
Sena Kashiwazaki Paibok3607
NTR'd 9771 times
Charlotte Dunois Shinn_Yuu
NTR'd 9545 times
Rika Furude must_zen
NTR'd 9207 times
Kobato Hasegawa must_zen
NTR'd 9047 times
Nanami Aoyama janualal
NTR'd 8437 times
Flandre Scarlet TenorYu
NTR'd 8200 times
Kurumi Tokisaki Eikei
NTR'd 7746 times
Claire Harvey SKyongmania
NTR'd 7573 times
Kagami Hiiragi must_zen
NTR'd 7285 times
Hazuki must_zen
NTR'd 6871 times
Sakura Kinomoto Oberon
NTR'd 6829 times
Nora Frykberg Shinn_Yuu
NTR'd 6810 times
Annerose Vajra rpgguy999
NTR'd 6599 times
Kuroka Tassen
NTR'd 6536 times
Akeno Himejima DaZEROrk
NTR'd 6499 times
Yuka Nakamura rpgguy999
NTR'd 6433 times
Rider Vandergid
NTR'd 6296 times
Rias Gremory Faolan
NTR'd 6284 times
Satomi Fujino rpgguy999
NTR'd 6128 times
Ingrid rpgguy999
NTR'd 6033 times
Maki Nishikino Tuskact9
NTR'd 5949 times
Murasaki Yatsu rpgguy999
NTR'd 5703 times
Frolaytia Capistrano DaZEROrk
NTR'd 5574 times
Nymph must_zen
NTR'd 5531 times
Rei Ayanami PrinzFio
NTR'd 5479 times
Ako Tamaki absakalli
NTR'd 5458 times
Touka Kirishima mcross92
NTR'd 5376 times
Fino Bloodstone DaZEROrk
NTR'd 5116 times
Stella Vermillion mcross92
NTR'd 4870 times
Mercelida Ygvar DaZEROrk
NTR'd 4788 times
Tornado of Terror Kisame13
NTR'd 4732 times
Mai Shiranui rpgguy999
NTR'd 4625 times
Rinko Akiyama rpgguy999
NTR'd 4560 times
Saeko Busujima Drakon70
NTR'd 4448 times
Virgo Shinn_Yuu
NTR'd 4396 times
Yuki Nagato must_zen
NTR'd 4328 times
Houki Shinonono Shinn_Yuu
NTR'd 4310 times
Mt.Lady Paibok3607
NTR'd 4306 times
Monika Paibok3607
NTR'd 4254 times
Sorceress Tassen
NTR'd 4213 times
Belfast Tassen
NTR'd 4198 times
Furano Yukihira Shinn_Yuu
NTR'd 4100 times
Tamamo-no-Mae Tassen
NTR'd 4067 times
Celestia Tassen
NTR'd 4048 times
Scheherazade Tassen
NTR'd 3956 times
Camilla blazeb
NTR'd 3951 times
Momoka Oginome Shinn_Yuu
NTR'd 3934 times
Shizuku Mizunomori Rank1Otsdarva
NTR'd 3887 times
Satanichia McDowell Kurumizawa Rinzel
NTR'd 3887 times
Grace Campbell rpgguy999
NTR'd 3855 times
Kanna Kamui Plumkin
NTR'd 3748 times
Coconut mcross92
NTR'd 3745 times
Liliruca Arde Mikaeru
NTR'd 3738 times
Centorea Shianus dractyrant
NTR'd 3685 times
Rushuna Tendo DaZEROrk
NTR'd 3629 times
Erza Scarlet Drakon70
NTR'd 3603 times
Olga Discordia rpgguy999
NTR'd 3599 times
Mizore Shirayuki PrinzFio
NTR'd 3552 times
Mikan Yuuki must_zen
NTR'd 3423 times
Megumin Prometheus
NTR'd 3382 times
Maya Minase Tassen
NTR'd 3343 times
Limalisha SKyongmania
NTR'd 3297 times
Minamoto-no-Raikou (Lancer) Tassen
NTR'd 3261 times
Kanako Sumiyoshi DaZEROrk
NTR'd 3224 times
Mizuki Shiranui rpgguy999
NTR'd 3217 times
Rikka Takanashi PrinzFio
NTR'd 3114 times
Lecia Tassen
NTR'd 3103 times
Shizuku Sango DaZEROrk
NTR'd 3089 times
Kongou Aimee4
NTR'd 2994 times
Mikasa Ackerman Shinn_Yuu
NTR'd 2985 times
Panache Fure Kalgi Shinn_Yuu
NTR'd 2960 times
Asuna Yuuki Faolan
NTR'd 2942 times
Zero Two Aimee4
NTR'd 2936 times
Nodoka Miyazaki must_zen
NTR'd 2845 times
Oboro Necronomicon
NTR'd 2801 times
Carla Cromwell Karoar1776
NTR'd 2790 times
Beatrice Kushan rpgguy999
NTR'd 2780 times
Sera's Mother Tassen
NTR'd 2771 times
Henrietta de Tristain Nori13
NTR'd 2759 times
Aki Nijou Darkstalker
NTR'd 2758 times
Mina Ashido Kisame13
NTR'd 2722 times
C.C. Froylan
NTR'd 2720 times
Massachusetts Tassen
NTR'd 2698 times
Lieri Bishop rpgguy999
NTR'd 2657 times
Reiko Fuyuno rpgguy999
NTR'd 2649 times
Bremerton Tassen
NTR'd 2639 times
Asuka Langley Soryu Aloha
NTR'd 2637 times
Hestia Aloha
NTR'd 2598 times
Marika Krishna rpgguy999
NTR'd 2559 times
Kiara Sessyoin Tassen
NTR'd 2555 times

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