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Staying Logged In
Dec 3, 2019
Everyone who has had an account on ACDB has likely experienced the annoyance of having to log in again, and again, and again even when you never actually logged out yourself.

For years I have tried to solve this by looking in the wrong place.

A while back I added the "Keep Me Logged In On This Device" option that was to once and for all solve this, except it didn't.

Never understood why until I looked more closely at something I had over looked.

Cookies were being issued as Session cookies!

Which meant no matter what I had done, each time you closed your web browser you would be logged out. And with the nasty habit of today's browsers updating every 2nd day, this would get quite annoying.

Well, not any more!

Previously I called :
setcookie("SID", $cookie)

Now we use:
setcookie("SID", $cookie, time()+31556952, "/", "", TRUE);

Which will give you one year of not being logged out.

With the only exception being if you don't check the Keep Me Logged In option, you will still be logged out when your IP changes.
Asura Version Control
Dec 2, 2019
Newest addition to ACDB is a version control system to record changes to the site's code as I commit them, written by me mostly in Bash and PHP.


Why not use git? Because no.

Historically I have tried 3 of the big 4 version control systems. Moving from one to the next as I managed to break each and every one of them.

There's nothing more frustrating than trying to commit your finished work to your production server only to be stopped by some nonsensical blocking issue in the version control program. cvs broke, svn broke, and even mercurial broke. There's no doubt in my mind even git would break, so I didn't even try.

Then Yorhel informs me OpenBSD is making GoT and after reading over their presentation I decided to check it out, only to find it's currently only build-able on OpenBSD. Further pondering lead me to the realization ...

GoT is a simplified version of git, containing only the features the OpenBSD developers want and use.

AND EVEN THEN, it has way too much crap for my needs!

In 15 years of programming,. I have only, ever, needed a system to get my completed source code to my production server.

A bash script with scp has always been enough.

However, there is one aspect of version control I see value in. A comment regarding what was changed in the commit.

So, I have expanded my version control to harmlessly ask me for a comment when I make a commit. And coded it such that it will never fail to make the commit. Work goes on, more things get done, and a nifty change log is generated.


And for the hell of it, I'm also storing diffs.
Smash or Pass by Series
Nov 30, 2019

Look for the SMASH or PASS link in the Characters header for a series profile.

SMASH or PASS Lucky Star
Also patched the game to handle correctly an error when your filter matches zero characters.
Latest quotes:
Goblin Slayer - Episode 7 quotes are up with audio. That ep sure came close to a bad end! Luckily the High Elf Archer and Priestess were saved by Goblin Slayer just in time.
And fixed Contributed Quotes on character pages to correctly show the 7 top rated quotes.

So kinda how this works right now is .....

IF episode quotes: prioritize audio, order by random
IF NO episode quotes, show contributed quotes, order by points
Looking into using Game of Trees for version control - when they have a non-OpenBSD source code release that is.
I've also switched from doing sword arts to staff arts for martial training. Because swords break too easily. I could break my steel swords with just my fists, quite easily... :S A least a 6 foot metal staff has a better durability factor !