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Mar 8, 2018 Akikojam banned mikuiswaifu


Sep 23, 2014 Ryuushima banned Drago530

I don't like you

Sep 2, 2014 Ryuushima banned Drago530

do that in server lounge please :D

Aug 4, 2014 Ryuushima banned IvanS

why do you always have to go on when people ask you to stop?

Aug 4, 2014 Mitsugu banned IvanS

Image violation

Jul 27, 2014 Ryuushima banned IvanS

Maybe you should start reading chat. No more spamming mate.

Jul 26, 2014 Akikojam banned IvanS

How many times do I have to repeat to not spam the same command over and over?

Jun 24, 2014 Akikojam banned biggiegate21

no means no

May 8, 2014 Ryuushima banned SilentHunter005

Stop acting so retarded

Apr 14, 2014 Ryuushima banned kyleoconnor

I am saying that you are byebye

Mar 8, 2014 Mitsugu banned Phozz

for beating 13, whad she ever do to you?

Jan 30, 2014 Cirno banned Nori13

I'm scary MUAHAHAHA fear me!!!

Jan 26, 2014 Akikojam banned SilverMistTheDreamer

you better care

Dec 25, 2013 Hetalia_Italy banned Kana-sama

How about you stop being rude to me so you can stop getting boots up your ass?

Dec 24, 2013 Hetalia_Italy banned Kana-sama

Last kick from my boot and you'd better have learned your lesson

Dec 24, 2013 Hetalia_Italy banned Kana-sama

You watch it, smartass

Dec 22, 2013 Ryuushima banned Kana-sama

Watch the attitude.

Nov 22, 2013 Shinigami_55 banned Rinzel

Nov 19, 2013 Mitsugu banned BlackSaviorSUB

Failure to listen: Drama free zone, the ML is.

Nov 18, 2013 Akikojam banned BlackSaviorSUB

Repeatedly being sexist and trying to hog the main lounge.

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