Legal Agreement between you and Stephen Goral

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You agree to indemnify and hold harmless Stephen Goral from all legal responsibility.

Content Ownership and Liability

All user generated content is the property of the user who created it. Legal liability rests soly with the owner of the content.

User Definition

A User is an individual with an account on Anime Characters Database.

Content Definition

Content is defined as any tangible piece of data that has a User ID or IP address associated with it. The User ID is assigned to an account. The creator of the account is the owner of the content. Content also includes all data submitted by an individual via a computer device to Anime Characters Database.

User ID Definition

A User ID may be stored in a database under various aliases including but not limited to: uid, user_id, owner_id. Any integer intended to track ownership of content is to be considered a User ID. User ID's may reference blocks of data, associated data, images, table data, text data, and any data stored on computer hardware belonging to Stephen Goral.


By submitting content to Anime Characters Database you are granting Stephen Goral unlimited rights to use, store, copy, display, share, sell, profit, modify, and delete your content. Legal responsibility for the content remains with the owner. There is no transfer of ownership. You are granting an unlimited use license to use your content to Stephen Goral.

Social Interactions

You engage in social interactions at your own risk. Stephen Goral is not responsible for the content of messages or posts created by Users.

Effective Duration

This agreement is in effect from the date of your account creation, and will remain in effect indefinitely.

Updated Agreements

All terms and conditions in this agreement will remain in full effect when a new agreement is signed. This agreement may be revised at any time without prior notice and without notification.

Acceptance of this Legally Binding Agreement

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