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which slew the great beast Zanaffar,
and cut that Monster right in half!

- Lina Inverse (Reena)


Most Fought After

Name Imouto of
Flandre Scarlet TBJulioC
NTR'd 20395 times
Chen Eikei
NTR'd 798 times
Nymph BesamelPene
NTR'd 779 times
Megumin Zak22wolf
NTR'd 732 times
Shiro yuuan86
NTR'd 716 times
Hanyuu Osukaru-sama
NTR'd 643 times
Illyasviel von Einzbern Osukaru-sama
NTR'd 565 times
Chino Kafuu Osukaru-sama
NTR'd 556 times
Kobato Hasegawa Osukaru-sama
NTR'd 494 times
Koromo Amae Osukaru-sama
NTR'd 462 times
Nunnally Lamperouge Osukaru-sama
NTR'd 461 times
Yachiru Kusajishi CharaFroggy
NTR'd 424 times
Hinata Hakamada Osukaru-sama
NTR'd 385 times
Maho Misawa Osukaru-sama
NTR'd 338 times
Natsuha Sawai xRubbs
NTR'd 310 times
Nanako Dojima Hibiki_Erika
NTR'd 212 times
Kuu SKyongmania
NTR'd 182 times
Yoruichi Shihouin AndreaRing
NTR'd 161 times
Soi Fon Ibasco260
NTR'd 152 times
Kayo Hinazuki SKyongmania
NTR'd 143 times
Rangiku Matsumoto RangMat
NTR'd 128 times
Choi Mochimazzi xRubbs
NTR'd 111 times
Fuuko Ibuki rpgguy999
NTR'd 104 times
Retsu Unohana RangMat
NTR'd 97 times
Rukia Kuchiki Ibasco260
NTR'd 79 times
Suzumebachi cherrydropx
NTR'd 77 times
Isane Kotetsu RangMat
NTR'd 76 times
Nemu Kurotsuchi RangMat
NTR'd 72 times
Momo Hinamori cherrydropx
NTR'd 70 times
Orihime Inoue Ibasco260
NTR'd 69 times
Victorique de Blois Osukaru-sama
NTR'd 66 times
Riruka Dokugamine RangMat
NTR'd 64 times
Kudryavka Noumi Osukaru-sama
NTR'd 60 times
Kanna Kamui Commie
NTR'd 38 times
Wendy Marvell Linda_Angelina_Dalles
NTR'd 33 times
Ginka Shirokane ShinyShinigami
NTR'd 30 times
Noel Osukaru-sama
NTR'd 27 times
Kurumi Tokisaki sean23
NTR'd 26 times
Rika Furude Osukaru-sama
NTR'd 23 times
Millhiore F Biscotti SpeedyRobot
NTR'd 21 times
Tsunade XIII_Roxas
NTR'd 19 times
Kokoro Katsura Osukaru-sama
NTR'd 19 times
Tatenashi Sarashiki Azethan
NTR'd 18 times
Anko Kitashirakawa Osukaru-sama
NTR'd 17 times
Sagiri Izumi Osukaru-sama
NTR'd 17 times
Kirino Kousaka SKyongmania
NTR'd 16 times
Ayumi Otosaka languageweeb
NTR'd 16 times
Yui jenndeuki
NTR'd 16 times
Rikka Takanashi Anna-me
NTR'd 15 times
Fuse Midori Osukaru-sama
NTR'd 14 times
Azusa Nakano wessltov
NTR'd 13 times
Satoko Houjou BigJohn
NTR'd 13 times
Konan blaze6909
NTR'd 13 times
Koneko Toujou teachan
NTR'd 12 times
Kuro Kagami Koneko
NTR'd 12 times
Yui Hirasawa WaifuMaster17
NTR'd 12 times
Louise Francoise le Blanc de la Valliere ShazamJr
NTR'd 12 times
Yoshino Osukaru-sama
NTR'd 11 times
Konata Izumi Squidgy
NTR'd 11 times
Malon Janzora
NTR'd 11 times
Hotori Midou SpeedyRobot
NTR'd 10 times
Horo kitsunehatfield
NTR'd 10 times
Yami / Golden Darkness bigtiddygothanimegirl
NTR'd 9 times
Uzuki Nakano Brajanmark42
NTR'd 9 times
Mikan Yuuki DaZEROrk
NTR'd 9 times
Laila BesamelPene
NTR'd 9 times
Madoka Kaname Geed
NTR'd 8 times
Rin Kokonoe Osukaru-sama
NTR'd 8 times
Ekaterina Kurae Osukaru-sama
NTR'd 7 times
Kaede Furutani Brajanmark42
NTR'd 7 times
Jeanne d'Arc (Alter Santa Lily) xRubbs
NTR'd 7 times
Kyouko Sakura PastelTrashCat
NTR'd 6 times
Sango cheesecake
NTR'd 6 times
Mina Tepes BesamelPene
NTR'd 6 times
Krul Tepes Linda_Angelina_Dalles
NTR'd 6 times
Tatsuki Arisawa RangMat
NTR'd 6 times
Juvia Lockser Linda_Angelina_Dalles
NTR'd 6 times
Maika Apocalyptic99
NTR'd 6 times
Jibril Azethan
NTR'd 6 times
Umaru Doma Axmar
NTR'd 5 times
Maka Albarn Bottfli
NTR'd 5 times
Neptune Pavelan
NTR'd 5 times
Kobayashi xXxGarbagexXx
NTR'd 5 times
Ruri Hoshino SKyongmania
NTR'd 5 times
Cinnamon Pavelan
NTR'd 5 times
Mavis Vermilion Oreounicorn321
NTR'd 5 times
Moka Akashiya Darkfighter
NTR'd 5 times
Suu KosakiAce
NTR'd 5 times
Moka Akashiya (monster form) Azethan
NTR'd 4 times
Maple mastrehawk
NTR'd 4 times
Maria Takayama Grandmaster_Lolicon
NTR'd 4 times
Remilia Scarlet remisakulover
NTR'd 4 times
Hina Takanashi Osukaru-sama
NTR'd 4 times
Mei Terumi tiamatnightmare
NTR'd 4 times
Lucy Lilacwolf11
NTR'd 4 times
Kushina Uzumaki tiamatnightmare
NTR'd 4 times
Cirno must_zen
NTR'd 4 times
Silica zinarue
NTR'd 4 times
Vania rpgguy999
NTR'd 4 times
Himiko Yumeno Kotoni
NTR'd 4 times
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