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Most Fought After

Name Husbando of
Yoruichi Shihouin (cat form) skyace62
193 suitors
Sebastian Michaelis nothingbroken
61 suitors
Levi lisa
59 suitors
Ciel Phantomhive Akeyden721
46 suitors
Rin Okumura nothingbroken
44 suitors
L Lawliet nothingbroken
40 suitors
Karma Akabane AniahLiepard
40 suitors
Len Kagamine nothingbroken
34 suitors
Izaya Orihara Akeyden721
31 suitors
Mikaela Hyakuya Akeyden721
30 suitors
Natsu Dragneel NinaDragness
29 suitors
Yato Akeyden721
29 suitors
Undertaker SheyCroix
27 suitors
Kaoru Hitachiin kpoplover
27 suitors
Tomoe Akeyden721
26 suitors
Gray Fullbuster Mercury
26 suitors
Chihiro Fujisaki DANGAN11037
25 suitors
Lelouch Lamperouge Akeyden721
25 suitors
Juuzou Suzuya Kidney
25 suitors
Death the Kid nothingbroken
25 suitors
Itachi Uchiha Munyue
23 suitors
KAITO GroundDweller
23 suitors
Nagito Komaeda DJBrooklyn
23 suitors
Shizuo Heiwajima MomoKun
22 suitors
Finnian sryxi
22 suitors
Uta Ceri_Dulciate
22 suitors
Hikaru Hitachiin Otaku6713
21 suitors
Ken Kaneki whatwouldidowithoutkaneki
21 suitors
Alois Trancy milkiebleu
21 suitors
Kanato Sakamaki AniahLiepard
20 suitors
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