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Name Husbando of
Saeran Choi Aimee4
NTR'd 2896 times
King TwentyOneAnime
NTR'd 2695 times
Katsuki Bakugo Aimee4
NTR'd 2638 times
Hideri Kanzaki Paibok3607
NTR'd 2393 times
Ikuya Kirishima Aimee4
NTR'd 2380 times
Kai von Glanzreich Aimee4
NTR'd 2373 times
Sebastian Michaelis Aimee4
NTR'd 2360 times
Noiz Aimee4
NTR'd 2258 times
Cartaphilus TwentyOneAnime
NTR'd 2232 times
Karma Akabane Yasu
NTR'd 2229 times
Licht Jekylland Todoroki Aimee4
NTR'd 2136 times
Yamanbagiri Kunihiro Aimee4
NTR'd 2128 times
Astolfo TenorYu
NTR'd 2124 times
Hiroomi Nase Aimee4
NTR'd 2052 times
Eishi Tsukasa Aimee4
NTR'd 1788 times
Shuuya Kano Aimee4
NTR'd 1764 times
Seijuro Akashi Aimee4
NTR'd 1701 times
Mikaela Hyakuya Kizumi-Kun
NTR'd 1650 times
Shouto Todoroki Aimee4
NTR'd 1496 times
Genos 254393
NTR'd 1493 times
Jumin Han Aimee4
NTR'd 1491 times
Haruka Nanase GikaAyumi
NTR'd 1215 times
Takumi Usui Aimee4
NTR'd 1183 times
Snake VoidKatzen
NTR'd 1179 times
Tokiya Ichinose Aimee4
NTR'd 1037 times
Chuuya Nakahara Xx0Painkillers0xX
NTR'd 1029 times
Hanzou Urushihara TwentyOneAnime
NTR'd 898 times
Tomoe L_B
NTR'd 846 times
Gray Fullbuster Aimee4
NTR'd 837 times
Soushi Miketsukami Moooose
NTR'd 812 times
Izaya Orihara OriharaIzaya
NTR'd 784 times
Noctis Lucis Caelum Aimee4
NTR'd 725 times
Zero Kiryuu Purebloodrose
NTR'd 706 times
Gareki Aimee4
NTR'd 690 times
Kaoru Hitachiin yaoitrap
NTR'd 678 times
Lelouch Lamperouge CommanderSniffer
NTR'd 624 times
Yogi MikusLeek
NTR'd 612 times
Kuro SheyCroix
NTR'd 611 times
Seto Kaiba Autumn_Craft17
NTR'd 582 times
Hayato Shinomiya TwentyOneAnime
NTR'd 579 times
Sukuna Gojou TwentyOneAnime
NTR'd 558 times
Rin Matsuoka cyberbun
NTR'd 558 times
Judar Saya16UwU
NTR'd 556 times
Hideyoshi Kinoshita Tuskact9
NTR'd 520 times
Caesar VoidKatzen
NTR'd 516 times
Kei Nagai shirazi
NTR'd 499 times
Fafnir VoidKatzen
NTR'd 464 times
Legoshi Aimee4
NTR'd 462 times
Hawks Autumn_Craft17
NTR'd 424 times
L Lawliet Jojobrando
NTR'd 413 times
Shenon Nori13
NTR'd 406 times
Clear SheyCroix
NTR'd 406 times
Len Kagamine tenokwam
NTR'd 399 times
Momonga Kisame13
NTR'd 398 times
Ciel Phantomhive Fly
NTR'd 393 times
Toma Mywatermalone
NTR'd 392 times
Shin Aimee4
NTR'd 384 times
Zen SheyCroix
NTR'd 368 times
Alvaro Garay kpoplover
NTR'd 367 times
Wolfram von Bielefeld Rinzel
NTR'd 363 times
Lagi el Nagil kpoplover
NTR'd 348 times
Hajime Saito VoidKatzen
NTR'd 346 times
Rin Okumura Ryuzaki-Ayuzawa
NTR'd 345 times
Kent Sol
NTR'd 344 times
Ryuunosuke Akutagawa TwentyOneAnime
NTR'd 338 times
Licht von Glanzreich Pearlwhitecats
NTR'd 330 times
Aoba Seragaki SheyCroix
NTR'd 327 times
Zen Wistalia anime_lover_50045
NTR'd 325 times
Kyo Sohma Yasu
NTR'd 324 times
Yuri Plisetsky awkward
NTR'd 322 times
Tsurumaru Kuninaga KonekoyamaNia
NTR'd 313 times
Kanato Sakamaki LuuWithingale
NTR'd 313 times
Ookurikara Aimee4
NTR'd 311 times
Killua Zoldyck CommanderSniffer
NTR'd 304 times
Ikki Sol
NTR'd 301 times
Kaname Kuran Linda_Angelina_Dalles
NTR'd 293 times
Saeyoung Choi Crim
NTR'd 291 times
Shy Makishima KonekoyamaNia
NTR'd 284 times
Orion Merissa
NTR'd 278 times
Li Xingke Akeyden721
NTR'd 277 times
Dabi Autumn_Craft17
NTR'd 269 times
Subaru Sakamaki Aimi27
NTR'd 268 times
Yato Anvika
NTR'd 268 times
Ai Mikaze KonekoyamaNia
NTR'd 267 times
Eren Yeager CommanderSniffer
NTR'd 266 times
Undertaker Lapislatz
NTR'd 266 times
Akira Fudo kissuryuu
NTR'd 263 times
Yuusuke Nisaka TwentyOneAnime
NTR'd 261 times
Alois Trancy Jojobrando
NTR'd 255 times
Riou Satomi KonekoyamaNia
NTR'd 254 times
Grencia Mars Elijah Guo Eckener Ceri_Dulciate
NTR'd 253 times
Light Yagami Queen_Arty5
NTR'd 253 times
Tobio Kageyama CommanderSniffer
NTR'd 252 times
Tamaki Suou dreamy-chan
NTR'd 243 times
Cheshire Cat Mjhawk17
NTR'd 241 times
Red Rinzel
NTR'd 237 times
Zetsubouou TwentyOneAnime
NTR'd 234 times
Decim CommanderSniffer
NTR'd 230 times
Sora SheyCroix
NTR'd 227 times
Levi Ackerman Autumn_Craft17
NTR'd 227 times

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