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Created: Jun 11 23:23:44 2017 Retired: Dec 26 15:34:41 2021

Please update your bookmarks to use Family Tree

All characters from your Waifu/Husbando/Imouto/Onii-chan lists have been moved to your Family Tree. This system allows for more relations and no longer has an NTR System. The last member to Talk to a character will be featured on the character's profile.

Guild VS Guild - NTR Wars

Nova Solaria 0
Introducing Akade
Name Waifu of
Jibril SheyCroix
NTR'd 22287 times
Laura Bodewig Chinesegirlcartoons
NTR'd 19795 times
Elma Chinesegirlcartoons
NTR'd 19157 times
Asagi Igawa Chinesegirlcartoons
NTR'd 15607 times
Minamoto no Raikou Tassen
NTR'd 15364 times
Louise Francoise le Blanc de la Valliere Chinesegirlcartoons
NTR'd 13419 times
Naomi Evans Shinn_Yuu
NTR'd 11871 times
Kilia Jech Shinn_Yuu
NTR'd 11626 times
Rem Chinesegirlcartoons
NTR'd 10847 times
Sakura Igawa Shinn_Yuu
NTR'd 10312 times
Sena Kashiwazaki BlackMagicBurger
NTR'd 10246 times
Charlotte Dunois Chinesegirlcartoons
NTR'd 9709 times
Nanami Aoyama Chinesegirlcartoons
NTR'd 8437 times
Kobato Hasegawa Chinesegirlcartoons
NTR'd 8240 times
Flandre Scarlet Arctic7
NTR'd 8201 times
Claire Harvey Chinesegirlcartoons
NTR'd 7914 times
Kurumi Tokisaki Chinesegirlcartoons
NTR'd 7754 times
Kagami Hiiragi Chinesegirlcartoons
NTR'd 7364 times
Sakura Kinomoto Chinesegirlcartoons
NTR'd 7200 times
Nora Frykberg Shinn_Yuu
NTR'd 6977 times
Kuroka Tassen
NTR'd 6743 times
Annerose Vajra Chinesegirlcartoons
NTR'd 6629 times
Akeno Himejima SheyCroix
NTR'd 6623 times
Yuka Nakamura rpgguy999
NTR'd 6433 times
Rias Gremory Chinesegirlcartoons
NTR'd 6335 times
Rider Chinesegirlcartoons
NTR'd 6296 times
Satomi Fujino rpgguy999
NTR'd 6128 times
Ingrid MacWillie
NTR'd 6033 times
Maki Nishikino Chinesegirlcartoons
NTR'd 5854 times
Frolaytia Capistrano mcross92
NTR'd 5763 times
Murasaki Yatsu rpgguy999
NTR'd 5748 times
Nymph must_zen
NTR'd 5531 times
Touka Kirishima mcross92
NTR'd 5486 times
Ako Tamaki Chinesegirlcartoons
NTR'd 5458 times
Rei Ayanami PrinzFio
NTR'd 5388 times
Fino Bloodstone blazeb
NTR'd 5139 times
Rika Furude must_zen
NTR'd 5049 times
Mai Shiranui Chinesegirlcartoons
NTR'd 5029 times
Stella Vermillion vivaldin
NTR'd 5005 times
Mercelida Ygvar Chinesegirlcartoons
NTR'd 4733 times
Mt.Lady Kisame13
NTR'd 4725 times
Belfast Tassen
NTR'd 4722 times
Sorceress Tassen
NTR'd 4722 times
Tornado of Terror Kisame13
NTR'd 4693 times
Rinko Akiyama Chinesegirlcartoons
NTR'd 4595 times
Houki Shinonono Chinesegirlcartoons
NTR'd 4494 times
Saeko Busujima Chinesegirlcartoons
NTR'd 4490 times
Virgo Shinn_Yuu
NTR'd 4452 times
Monika Kisame13
NTR'd 4437 times
Yuki Nagato PrinzFio
NTR'd 4401 times
Furano Yukihira Shinn_Yuu
NTR'd 4246 times
Scheherazade Tassen
NTR'd 4181 times
Tamamo-no-Mae Tassen
NTR'd 4144 times
Shizuku Mizunomori Rank1Otsdarva
NTR'd 4071 times
Camilla Aeriy
NTR'd 3999 times
Momoka Oginome Shinn_Yuu
NTR'd 3990 times
Celestia Tassen
NTR'd 3920 times
Satanichia McDowell Kurumizawa AkayamiTatsuki
NTR'd 3892 times
Liliruca Arde blazeb
NTR'd 3865 times
Kanna Kamui Chinesegirlcartoons
NTR'd 3862 times
Erza Scarlet Chinesegirlcartoons
NTR'd 3815 times
Coconut Aeriy
NTR'd 3808 times
Centorea Shianus blazeb
NTR'd 3758 times
Grace Campbell rpgguy999
NTR'd 3743 times
Rushuna Tendo altanurag
NTR'd 3675 times
Olga Discordia rpgguy999
NTR'd 3629 times
Hazuki must_zen
NTR'd 3616 times
Mizore Shirayuki PrinzFio
NTR'd 3596 times
Shiranui Mizuki rpgguy999
NTR'd 3517 times
Limalisha SKyongmania
NTR'd 3441 times
Bremerton Tassen
NTR'd 3386 times
Megumin Chinesegirlcartoons
NTR'd 3354 times
Maya Minase Tassen
NTR'd 3294 times
Asuna Yuuki Chinesegirlcartoons
NTR'd 3283 times
Ahri K/DA Tassen
NTR'd 3247 times
Kanako Sumiyoshi DaZEROrk
NTR'd 3224 times
Shizuku Sango DaZEROrk
NTR'd 3185 times
Panache Fure Kalgi Shinn_Yuu
NTR'd 3124 times
Kongou Aimee4
NTR'd 3122 times
Rikka Takanashi PrinzFio
NTR'd 3042 times
Lecia Tassen
NTR'd 3040 times
Mina Ashido Kisame13
NTR'd 3039 times
Sera's Mother Tassen
NTR'd 3038 times
Zero Two Aimee4
NTR'd 2940 times
Mikasa Ackerman Shinn_Yuu
NTR'd 2915 times
Nico Robin SheyCroix
NTR'd 2905 times
Nodoka Miyazaki Eikei
NTR'd 2894 times
Henrietta de Tristain Nori13
NTR'd 2879 times
Aki Nijou Chinesegirlcartoons
NTR'd 2839 times
Beatrice Kushan rpgguy999
NTR'd 2805 times
Oboro Darkstalker
NTR'd 2801 times
Carla Cromwell Karoar1776
NTR'd 2790 times
Friedrich der Grosse Tassen
NTR'd 2736 times
Prinz Heinrich Tassen
NTR'd 2735 times
Mei Misaki PrinzFio
NTR'd 2673 times
Lieri Bishop rpgguy999
NTR'd 2657 times
Reiko Fuyuno rpgguy999
NTR'd 2649 times
Hestia Chinesegirlcartoons
NTR'd 2622 times
Marika Krishna rpgguy999
NTR'd 2596 times
Massachusetts Tassen
NTR'd 2592 times

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