Anime Characters Databases needs MIRRORS

As anyone not living in North America probably already knows, ACDB is VERY SLOW when accessed outside North America. In some cases, it's not even useable.

Why is this? Our ISP/Host, continues focus on North American bandwidth at the expense of international bandwidth. Thus, we have over 100Gbit's of US backbone access, and a mere 10Gbit of backbone to the rest of the world, which is oversold to some 100 1Gbit subscribers, and some 5000 100Mbit subscribers. Yes, that's right, that 10Gbit of international backbone is oversold by 590Gbit's. Nice, huh.

In short, I can't afford to change hosts or rent another server. Too many people are being affected today, and our site wont grow without your help mirroring our images!

I want to help!

Great! But first, there are a few requirements!

  • Your server MUST NOT be in North America.
  • Must have a UNIX server to host the images from, OR enough resourcefulness to fake it on Windows.
  • Software required: ssh and rsync (if you can't run these, you can't help.)
  • Need to be able to update specific folders at regular intervals. Typically using cron and a bash script.
  • Web server can be anything. apache, lighttpd, or even a perl script, i don't care, so long as it servers images without people complaining, it's OK
  • 4GB of HD space
  • What about bandwidth?!

    Over roughly the past 3 weeks our image server transfered

  • 150GB
  • And our web server transfered

  • 74GB
  • At any given moment, we're uploading at an average of

  • 150KB/sec
  • With bursts around

  • 1200KB/sec
  • Pretty moddest, considering an unmetered 100Mbit server capable of 20TB per month. But anyways.

    We only need a fraction of that from you!

    I imagine only a small number of people will uses mirrors in the beginning, and bandwidth requirements from you will not be so high. Perhaps not even 1%. Thus, even if you want to mirror from home using your DSL connection, that's OK!

    I've thought it over, I'll do it!

    Awesome, get on IRC (#acdb, get to know Jino and the rest of our staff, and we'll set you up with all you need.