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poshnia Yesterday 12:00 am
It's a new day! Remember to do your dailies in server tab~
Jino Yesterday 12:00 am
It's a new day! Remember to do your dailies in server tab~
Akikojam Yesterday 11:31 pm
But goddamn I love that character quirk. How many other characters get a verbal tic that they themself are shocked by? Whenever it happens, she's like "dafuq did I just say? Now this is awkward"
Akikojam Yesterday 11:28 pm
Oh... that's not just some random bullshit that game made up. It's an actual antagonist from Getter Robo. So game gave me one of the coolest mechs with awesome pilot and bgm, Angelg. And the lamest piece of garbage that is Getter Robo, which looks like a walking bucket.
Akikojam Yesterday 11:20 pm
Aaand, I'm immediatly disappointed by the very first enemy you meet...
Akikojam Yesterday 11:18 pm
All that Axel has going for him is his mecha, Soulgain, which is pretty damn badass.
Akikojam Yesterday 11:17 pm
Oh, I see SRW Portable is working just fine. So I have to pick if I want to play as a male or a female. Normally, that'd be an obvious choice. But this time... it's double obvious that I'm going to pick female. Since those are actual characters and not player avatars. Male one is Axel Almer, while female one is Lamia Loveless. Now, let's see... a hotheaded retard that was basically an antagonist because he was too dumb to actually realize that he's the bad guy. Or an adorable android girl that went against her programming to side with protags, because she realized that her side sucks. Lamia was one of the best girls in a game filled with awesome girls to the limits. Just her broken speech is enough already, her translation device is broken, which is why she sometimes says things in a weird way. Like out of nowhere adding verbal tics like "de gozaru" or saying "itekomasu" instead of "ittekimasu".
Akikojam Yesterday 09:40 pm
Huh... seems Super Robot Wars V and Super Robot Wars X are both available on steam in english... but region locked for all countries other than japan... why the ---- would you make an english localization and restrict it to japan...
Akikojam Yesterday 05:02 pm
I cleared all routes of this game in the past, so I vaguely remember that the ghost girl is actually the main focus of the story, being actually alive or something, with her body sealed in a crystal under the town by the bad guys or something like that.
Akikojam Yesterday 05:00 pm
But man, I really have a hard time playing VNs now. Too much reading. I used to like them a lot, but now I'd rather have a game that has a better balance of gameplay and story.
Akikojam Yesterday 04:57 pm
Oh yeah, I forgot about it, since a miko and a succubus loli were more interesting, but this game had a ghost heroine too.
Akikojam Yesterday 04:13 pm
And I can't even pinpoint what exactly is unique about those two voices. In Tomonaga's case, it's... I guess something like "You're such an idiot, but I still love you". Sometimes tsunderes, sometimes just girls that know much more than protag. A sort of berating affection. In Tamiyasu's case it's an overly cheerful insanity of a sort. So, basically, all of Makina's character.
Akikojam Yesterday 04:07 pm
Or I guess I would also recognize Tamiyasu's voice. There's something unique about the voice of Makina from Grisaia.
Akikojam Yesterday 04:04 pm
Oh, heh. Decided to play Men at Works 2 again. One of the games I cleared ages ago, doesn't live up to Kamidori, but at least comparable. Game starts with protag recruited as a monster hunter by protag of the first game and his wife (one of the heroines from the first game). Back then I didn't know better, but now I immediately recognized her voice as Tomonaga. Out of voice actors that does eroge, definitely the best one. There's a lot of great ones that don't, but she's the only one I instantly recognize out of the ones that do voice adult games.
Akikojam Yesterday 11:30 am
Mostly added it, because it gets ridiculous how fast my character gets hungry or how I keep freezing even while wearing very warm clothes.
Akikojam Yesterday 11:29 am
I realized that if I want to play as a proper undead in Cataclysm, I can just make that mutation myself. There is an undead mutation category, but it sucks. So I instead made an "undead body" mutation that greatly decreases hunger, thirst and fatigue and greatly increases cold resistance. But at the same time, it greatly decreases regeneration (since it's be odd for undead to regenerate as fast as humans are) and halves mana regeneration (to simulate that it is now being used to function).
Agronic Yesterday 11:22 am
yeah adds are becoming insane
Akikojam Yesterday 09:55 am
Okay, enough. I'm adblocking youtube. I wasn't planning to, since it kinda functions on ads, but 20 second unskippable ads followed by a skippable ad, they went out of control.
Anime Characters Database Yesterday 05:44 am
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poshnia Mar 5, 2021
It's a new day! Remember to do your dailies in server tab~
Jino Mar 5, 2021
It's a new day! Remember to do your dailies in server tab~
Akikojam Mar 4, 2021
LonaRPG has... some familiar things...
Akikojam Mar 4, 2021
I wonder if a lot of RPGMaker eroge are going to ever get finished. Roundscape Adorevia, Renryuu Ascension, LonaRPG, Last Sovereign and maybe some others. I gave up on Violated Heroine, it's still getting updates, like once a year, but those are so minor.
Akikojam Mar 4, 2021
I mean, seriously, wtf was that?

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