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Ryuushima 02:01 am
I am starting to get somewhat interested in Hildryn but not gonna work towards her for a while.
Mesa prime parts are crafting and so are revenant parts, I am fairly hyped about those two.
Ryuushima 02:00 am
equinnox is hard to get and top-tier. Ivara is hard to get and seen as a pretty strong frame actually.
poshnia 12:00 am
It's a new day! Remember to do your dailies in server tab~
Jino 12:00 am
It's a new day! Remember to do your dailies in server tab~
Rei Yesterday 09:16 pm
energy leech wouldn't bother her at all
Akikojam Yesterday 09:15 pm
Well... just has more ammo, but it's still something. Also, I guess since she has no energy, she couldn't care less about energy leech enemies.
Rei Yesterday 09:14 pm
oh nice. So that'd get buffed when she uses it.
Akikojam Yesterday 09:14 pm
Also, Hildryn's signature weapon is Lark.
Rei Yesterday 09:12 pm
Should be quite strong as well.
Akikojam Yesterday 09:11 pm
Hildryn might be too. 300 armor and 1575 shields without any boosts. And redirection gives like 420% more, so...
Rei Yesterday 09:10 pm
Sometimes the case...
Nidus, Inaros, Wukong seem to be the immortal frames right now.
Akikojam Yesterday 09:08 pm
Rhino, which is one of the basic frames? Op as ----. Harrow that is a pain in the ass to get parts for? Barely viable.
Akikojam Yesterday 09:08 pm
It feels like the harder it is to get the frame, the weaker it is.
Rei Yesterday 09:08 pm
prob. hahaha

Some people on reddit speculating Inaros prime, they'll just add 10 shields and be done with it.
Akikojam Yesterday 09:07 pm
It'll probably just increase from 65 to 90 or something at most.
Rei Yesterday 09:07 pm
Wonder what they'll do for her Prime later this year. More armor would be great.

Still, she can solo Bounties with the best of frames.
Akikojam Yesterday 09:05 pm
It's a problem of a lot of generally good frames - low armor. If Ivara had around 300 or higher, she'd be one of my most used frames.
Akikojam Yesterday 09:04 pm
Ivara is really good at Spy. And fairly bad at almost everything else. Low armor hurts. Though her invisibility bubble and sleep arrow can help.
Akikojam Yesterday 09:03 pm
Now I have to worry about my weight not only in reality, but in game as well.
Rei Yesterday 09:02 pm
Ivara finished crafting. Damn that frame was worth it.
Rei Yesterday 09:01 pm
Who wanted that feature? lol
Akikojam Yesterday 08:47 pm
Hahaha. They also added a weight... as in, body weight. Now I have to watch my character's died, making sure she's not too fat or too skinny.
Akikojam Yesterday 08:46 pm
Oh, seems like that Stats from Kills mod is not working for my version of the game. That's a pity, would've actually been a non-cheatsy way of gaining stats other than through mutations and bionics.
Akikojam Yesterday 08:12 pm
Lol at cataclysm reddit.
Comment 1 - Well, to be fair, feline mutagen is pretty weak. Slime and Raptor is where it all is.
Comment 2 - Cataclysm, where furries are too vanilla.
Akikojam Yesterday 08:06 pm
I mean, I get it, there's rhythm and memorization involved, more than reflexes, but I'm too much of a slowpoke for that.

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