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Sep 22, 2022
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Spy x Family


In order to succeed in the second phase of his mission, Loid takes a tough approach and starts strict studying sessions with Anya, since she's failing all classes.
But, instead of studying hard, Anya just decides to figure out which classmate of hers is the smartest in each subject, so that she can read their minds mid tests.
Loid decides to take Anya out for some community service, in hopes of earning stellas, but Anya doesn't seem to be cut out for this kind of job either, until she saves a drowning boy in the pool area.
Now Anya has her classroom's first stella, and anymosity grows as all her classmates feel envious of her merit, a terrible situation since the Forgers need to approach the Desmond family as soon as possible.
Becky gives Anya the idea to ask her parents for a reward, since she's earned her stella.
Anya concludes that if she has a dog, Damian would become better friends with her, now it's for Any to convince Loid and Yor to find the perfect dog for their family.

Featuring Characters
Anya Forger | CV: Atsumi Tanezaki, 種﨑敦美, たねざき あつみ | 76 lines
Becky Blackbell | CV: Emiri Katou, 加藤英美里, かとう えみり | 33 lines
Benedict Ivan Goodfellow | CV: Youhei Tadano, 多田野曜平, ただの ようへい | 2 lines
Bondman | CV: Taisuke Nakano, 中野泰佑, なかの たいすけ | 4 lines
Damian Desmond | CV: Natsumi Fujiwara, 藤原夏海, ふじわら なつみ | 12 lines
Emile Elman | CV: Hana Satou, 佐藤はな, さとう はな | 1 lines
Ewen Egeberg | CV: Haruka Okamura, 岡村明香, おかむら はるか | 1 lines
Head Nurse | CV: Chihiro Ibuki, 伊吹茅紘, いぶき ちひろ | 8 lines
Henry Henderson | CV: Kazuhiro Yamaji, 山路和弘, やまじ かずひろ | 1 lines
Ken | CV: Arisa Kiyoto, 清都ありさ, きよと ありさ | 10 lines
Ken's Caretaker | CV: Marie Ooi, 大井麻利衣, おおい まりえ | 19 lines
Loid Forger | CV: Takuya Eguchi, 江口拓也, えぐち たくや | 99 lines
Sylvia Sherwood | CV: Yuko Kaida, 甲斐田裕子, かいだ ゆうこ | 11 lines
Yor Forger | CV: Saori Hayami, 早見沙織, はやみ さおり | 15 lines

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