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Yesterday 01:45 pm
Today we are launching a referral system. You can find your referral link above the footer on any page you would like to share with the world.


We really need the help of all members to share and promote ACDB where ever possible. Far too much of our traffic depends on Google. As Google continues to squeeze us out of their index, we need the help of our members to share and promote the site around the web ! ^_^

Lucky Bag
Nov 19, 2017
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Greatest Anime Site on The Internet
Nov 16, 2017
It's been 10 years now I've been working on ACDB.

In the beginning, I had a simple idea: Index anime characters by visual traits, and make a website where people could search those traits in hopes of identifying their character.

After indexing 1000 characters; mostly from Visual Novels - I launched ACDB.

Month after month, year after year, I would challenge myself to turn my ideas into reality. Coding new feature after new feature.

Continual improvement suits me, and developing ACDB has been something I've stuck to for more than a decade now.

Of course, there have been ups and downs. And more challenges than I could have liked, or even imagined. But we've pushed on.

These past few years especially have been a struggle. Perhaps we peaked, and are now in decline. Perhaps we've failed to keep up with the times. Perhaps there just isn't the same interest in anime now as there was before. Perhaps the whole echo system has changed, making it harder for us to continue on.

There are no straight paths in life, and only a ponzie scheme grows years after year.

You see, we have accomplished so much. And although we have been stuck in one place for a few years now, I'm ready to renew my resolve, and fight to turn this around.

I have always believed we could be bigger than Anime News Networks, bigger than MAL, bigger than A-P. And now it is my stated goal. My purpose. My objective.

I will never give up working to make Anime Characters Database the Greatest Anime Site on the Internet!

Together, we can do it ! ^_^