Anime Characters Database

Jul 10, 2011
Added the Edit mode to news.php

It's a little over 300 lines of code now.

Also tweaked the Main Menu to include News and Calendar links.

Updated No Characters to use besttable CSS, ACDBv2 includes, and ACDBv2 links. Probably will update it to have images next.

Might rework the Calendar next to use a tile layout ... more condensed info is usually good.

mysql> select email_subject,count(*) as n from emails group by email_subject;
| email_subject | n |
| Reply Notification | 8 |
| Solved Notification | 8 |
| Welcome to Anime Characters Database | 431 |
3 rows in set (0.01 sec)

Looks like we've sent out about 431 welcome emails since I switched over from e107 to my own system. Still meaning to rework the registration system - mainly want to log error codes when signups fail. More info is my best weapon in fighting spam signups.

Ah reminds me... "forgot password" code is still undone. Wanted to add a reminder for people to contact us by email if they forgot their username or password.
Under Construction
Jul 9, 2011
Still under construction.

Edit and browse features coming next. Followed by admin tools, Menu link, an updated Front Page~

And maybe simplified Options. Might move "Public" to "Publish" in the "View My Posts" ...