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Nozomi Sasaki

Primary Name
Nozomi Sasaki
Name 2
Name 3
ささき のぞみ
Additional Names
Sasaki Nozomi

Nozomi Sasaki (ささき のぞみ Sasaki Nozomi, born February 19, 1983) is a Japanese voice actress from Kanagawa Prefecture, Japan. For her stage name she has adopted the hiragana rendering ささき のぞみ instead of the original kanji representation (佐々木望) of her birth name Sasaki Nozomi. (This combination of kanji characters is also used for rendering the name of Nozomu Sasaki, an unrelated male voice actor, and she shares the same name as Nozomi Sasaki, a model, which would be too close.)

Date Added
Feb 12, 2013
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Dec 21, 2014