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Character VS

#4611 This character have their own flaws and played so perfectly by the same voice actor. Kill the one you don't like. Who will be?
Tooru Mutou VS Kaname Asagiri
#4610 Some said, the fans like this characters better than the main heroine. You may agree or not. But, which one you like more?
Tsubasa Hanekawa VS Kosaki Onodera
#4605 Cool, good looking with unique personality: Mangaka vs. Soccer player. Which one do you like more?
Umetarou Nozaki VS Aoyama
#4606 Kami vs. Devil: Which one the better and hoter leader?
Bishamon VS Rias Gremory
#4609 Battle Between Toudou & Orimoto
Kirin Toudou VS Zoe Orimoto
#4608 Fire Against Thunder
Killua Zoldyck VS Julis Alexia von Riessfeld
#4607 Battle between Amagiri & Aizen
Ayato Amagiri VS Aizen Sosuke
#4604 Bring home one for your own selfies reasons. Who will be?
Doraemon VS Pikachu
#4603 Girl vs. Boy: Which lazy person that more getting to the nerve?
Umaru Doma VS Tanaka
#4602 Who's your favorite Capcom's Lady fighter?
Cammy White VS Morrigan Aensland
#4601 Who's your favorite Squidperson?
Squidward Tentacles VS Squid Girl
#4600 Join a party to kill the Demon Lord. Let's choose the team leader first. Who will be?
Kazuma Satou VS Touya Mochizuki
#4599 Go on date and kiss the girl under the starry new year's night sky. Who will be?
Ako Suminoe VS Sen Yarizui
#4598 Alright kids, here's the deal: Be Yokai Higghschool boy or Exorcism Highschool boy next semester? Your choice.
Tsukune Aono VS Rin Okumura
#4597 Taste their home made cookies. It won't be good. But, lots of love in it.
Mizore Shirayuki VS Kosaki Onodera
#4596 End of year, don't stay single. Confess your love to one of this dream ls. Who will be:
Hiyori Iki VS Megumi Kato
#4595 Okay, Christmas eve is getting close. Confess your love to this popular princess at school. Devil vs. Alien: Who will be?
Rias Gremory VS Momo Velia Deviluke
#4594 Sporty vs. Ordinary: Who's the better Onee-san?
Riko Suminoe VS Tomoko Kuroki
#4592 Both put their all into 1 beam. Which one would win?
Marisa Kirisame VS Megumin
#4593 It's winter now! Christmas and New Year is getting close. Its time for you to have a "yuki" girlfriend. Who will be?
Yuki Nagato VS Mizore Shirayuki
#4591 Who is the prettiest?
Sayaka Itomi VS Marino Tagaya
#4590 Who has sharper teeth?
Rin Matsuoka VS Fuchi
#4589 All bloodlust and ready to kill: Who will win in a fight?
Yume Hasegawa VS Predator
#4588 Horror Legends Battle: Who will win in a fight?
Leatherface VS Jason Voorhees
#4587 Who has the saddest past ?
Sanji VS Nico Robin