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#4582 Psycho Magical Girl Idol vs. Zombie Idol: Which one you like more?
Nijimi Anazawa VS Ai Mizuno
#4581 lets play a vs game and good luck
Marika Mamiya VS Marie Mamiya
#4579 Who's the better dancer in their respective anime's ending music video?
Yuki Nagato VS Riko Suminoe
#4578 Who's the better dancer in their respective anime opening and ending music videos?
Mizore Shirayuki VS Karen El
#4577 There's a Halloween Night Dance party around. Ask one of them to date with you. Who will be?
Megumin VS Eucliwood Hellscythe
#4576 Let's get to businesse: Who's your favorite pervert?
Aria Shichijou VS Ayame Kajou
#4575 You're about to enter "Fight to the Death World Championship". Choose your champion wisely.
Juri Han VS Mileena
#4574 Centaur battle: Without further a do, for whatever reasons, which one is your favorite?
Himeno Kimihara VS Centorea Shianus
#4572 Onee-san vs Imouto: Their brothers think, both of them is really pain in the neck. Here's the deal: Bring one of them as your sister. Who will be?
Tomoko Kuroki VS Umaru Doma
#4570 They both have bad ending in their animes (Remember: Not the manga or radio drama). Which one sad you more?
Chihiro Kosaka VS Noe Isurugi
#4573 They identical each others, good looks with bad boy atitude. Which one is cooler.
Yoshifumi Nitta VS Shingo Wakamoto
#4571 Who's the best?
Akatsuki VS Hibiki / Verniy
#4567 They identical each others and share the same vouice actress. But, for what ever reasons, which character do you like more?
Masako Hara VS Nora
#4566 They kinda similar in appearance. But, which one is cuter?
Nene Odagiri VS Hotaru Shidare
#4568 Magical Girl Battle: Which one is more evil?
Swim Swim VS Kyouko
#4565 Mangaka vs Writer: Which Imouto is more talented?
Sagiri Izumi VS Kirino Kousaka
#4569 Who is the better magic loli? Do not lewd.
Megumin VS Himiko Yumeno
#4564 Which one has the best butt?
Non Toyoguchi VS Kazane Aoba
#4561 Battle of the twin tails: Which one is more pain in the neck?
Sakura Doumyouji VS Hanako Honda
#4562 For what ever reasons, which character you think deserve to be promote as Main Character?
The Rejected Character VS YunYun
#4563 Crazy Crossover: Villain vs. Hero. Who will win? Make you stand, now!
Momonga VS Saitama
#4559 Last episode is around the corner. Good vs. Evil. Which side do you stand?
Asahi Kobe VS Satou Matsuzaka
#4560 Best sadist
Isabella Valentine VS Meiko Shiraki
#4553 Underworld battle: Undead vs. Red Dragon. Who will win?
Momonga VS Issei Hyoudou
#4558 Gyaru battle: Ask one of them to date with you this weekend? Go!
Saya Endou VS Yamada