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Character VS

#4344 Who Was A Worst Threat To The World ?
D-Reaper VS Ten-Tails
#4343 Who is the better Foreigner?
Oei Katsushika VS Abigail Williams
#4342 Battle of the Bizarre: Who would win?
Arakune VS Faust / Dr. Baldhead
#4341 Who is the better crazy doctor? (2)
Mayuri Kurotsuchi VS Franken Stein
#4340 Who is the better crazy doctor?
Faust / Dr. Baldhead VS Mayuri Kurotsuchi
#4339 Which fox do you like more?
Silver Fox VS Ezo Red Fox
#4338 Which version would you rather play as?
Takumi Aiba VS Ami Aiba
#4337 Which is best DRV3 boy?
Rantarou Amami VS Kaito Momota
#4336 Which girl is the best waifu?
Tionishia VS Anastasia Nasuhara
#4335 Which girl is the cutest?
Kurumi Tokisaki VS Kaede Sakura
#4334 Which girl do you prefer as your big sis?
Kanu Unchou VS Morgiana
#4333 who the bigger idiot
Naruto Uzumaki VS Monkey D. Luffy
#4332 who scarer in ¨berserk mode¨
Levi ackerman VS Wolverine
#4331 who would give you're worse nightmares when you awake?
Mayuri Kurotsuchi VS The Joker
#4330 Which one is the best Samourai ?
Himura Kenshin VS Demon Eyes Kyo
#4329 Who is the greater Epic of Remnant IV Caster?
Circe VS Queen of Sheba
#4328 Who is the better Eldritch loli from the fourth Epic of Remnant?
Abigail Williams VS Lavinia Whateley
#4327 Which form is your favorite Moka Akashiya form?
Moka Akashiya VS Moka Akashiya (monster form)
#4326 Who's your favorite mascot? Persona 4 vs. Persona 5
Teddie VS Morgana
#4325 Which Maki is the better Maki?
Maki Harukawa VS Maki Nishikino
#4316 Who would you rather not be an enemy of?
Aizen Sosuke VS Lelouch Lamperouge
#4315 Best Bishie?
Arsene Lupin VS Abraham Van Helsing
#4313 Who's the better robot girl?
Nano Shinonome VS Aigis
#4312 Who's the better Jojo?
Joseph Joestar (young) VS Jotaro Kujo
#4311 Who would win in a battle of wits?
Light Yagami VS L Lawliet