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REVENGER Episode 1 Quotes Jan 14, 2023 | RinaK
Transcript - 209 new quotes



In a dark night, Hirata and his samurai are attacked by a man, who happens to be Raizo Kurima, the daimyou's retainer.
In the next day's morning, a mysterious man called Yuen approaches Raizo, explaining that he was tasked to investigate the stern looking man that was sleeping under the bridge.
After detailing that he was tasked to dispose of an opium trading traitor that happened to be someone close to him, Raizo realises that he should just leave the town.
On his way out, three men attack Raizo, claiming the he was no use to the chief officer Matsumine anymore, leading Raizo to jump into a river to save himself from their gunshots.
Raizo is saved by Nio, a member of Yuen's group of "all-purpose laborers".
After learning that Matsume was the one trading opium and that killing his own father in law was a ploy, Raizo agrees to join Yuen's group and seek revenge.

Featuring Characters
Conspirator A | CV: Shinya Takahashi, 高橋伸也, たかはし しんや | 19 lines
Conspirator B | CV: Mitsuaki Kanuka, かぬか光明, かぬか みつあき | 8 lines
Conspirator C | CV: Yuu Miyazaki, 宮崎遊, みやざき ゆう | 9 lines
Genshin Hirata | CV: Motoi Koyanagi, 小柳基, こやなぎ もとい | 1 lines
Jonoushin Matsumine | CV: Naoki Tamanoi, 玉野井直樹, たまのい なおき | 9 lines
Nio | CV: Hisako Kanemoto, 金元寿子, かねもと ひさこ | 10 lines
Raizo Kurima | CV: Jun Kasama, 笠間 淳, かさま じゅん | 62 lines
Soji | CV: Shouta Hayama, 葉山翔太, はやま しょうた | 3 lines
Teppa Murakami | CV: Shunsuke Takeuchi, 武内駿輔, たけうちしゅんすけ | 4 lines
Yuen Usui | CV: Yuichiro Umehara, 梅原裕一郎, うめはら ゆういちろう | 69 lines

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