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TenPuru: No One Can Live on Loneliness Episode 1 Quotes Nov 19, 2023 | RinaK
Transcript - 371 new quotes

TenPuru: No One Can Live on Loneliness

Akemitsu admired his father during childhood, always listening to his advise that "no one can live alone", unfortunately while growing up he realized that his father was truly only a womanizer that abandoned his family.
Decided to not turn into his father, Akemitsu refuses the company of women and firmly declares he can live without them.
After meeting a beautiful girl on the streets, he falls in love immediately and all his resolve completely dissolves.
To get rid of this sentiment, Akemitsu decides to become a bhuddist monk, and to dedicate his life into celibacy.
Unfortunate to Akemitsu's plans, the girl that he fell in love with is one of the priestesess serving the temple, among with many other beautiful ladies, making his attempt at celibacy even harder than expected.

Featuring Characters
Akemitsu Akagami | CV: Masayuki Akasaka, 赤坂柾之, あかさか まさゆき | 115 lines
Harukaze Akagami | CV: Shinji Kawada, 川田紳司, かわだ しんじ | 9 lines
Kagura Baldwin | CV: Sumire Uesaka, 上坂すみれ, うえさか すみれ | 8 lines
Kiki | CV: Chiaki Takahashi, たかはし智秋, たかはし ちあき | 18 lines
Kurage Aoba | CV: Nanami Yamashita, 山下七海, やました ななみ | 12 lines
Mia Christoph | CV: Madoka Asahina, 朝日奈丸佳, あさひな まどか | 13 lines
Tsukuyo Aoba | CV: Yuu Serizawa, 芹澤優, せりざわ ゆう | 22 lines
Yuzuki Aoba | CV: Aimi Terakawa, 寺川愛美, てらかわ あいみ | 97 lines

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