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Banners *Updated* (Please Read) Sep 8, 2011 | Nori13
We have a page displaying all the banners in current rotation.Click here for easy access.

Please find your banner(s) and see if there is any missing info. The exempt ones (doesn't have a proper character ID#) is the "Nagomi" banner, any banner with multiple characters, the EVA-01 banner, and the Angel Beats banners at the end (they're filler banners).

Please post which banner(s) you have and their character(s) and source(s) in the Banner Discussion Board and someone will enter the info in (Admin Lv5's and higher can do this)

And I added the banner template to the banner rules.
Banners Sep 7, 2011 | Nori13
Besides submitting some new banners, I went through all the stuff I missed in the Review and Discussion threads and did a minor revision on the Banner rules (no actual changes to the rules itself, just fixing some wording).

Once I find out if we are sticking with the 1500px wide or going to 1100px wide, I (or maybe Rei) will be updating the banner rules for it (if necessary).

I will add a banner "template" that might help in the banner making process when the above problem is remedied.
Character Popularity Sep 5, 2011 | Rei
One quick update before I crash for the night...

Added Character Popularity to all anime and game pages. Look for it in the details summary, near the end of the list.

How it works is for every character assigned to the series, we do a count of how many people have added them to their favorites list.

So if the characters have been favorite'd 20 times, the series will have a Character Popularity of 20.

Kinda makes for a cool way to see how popular a series is. I'll do up a page listing series ordered by Character Popularity in a bit as well.

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