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Tags, 29,000, Productivity, Updates Aug 24, 2011 | Rei

Past few days, my energy has been focused on creating a Tag Search, and expanding that to have all the features I can think of in a robust tags suite.

The next update will include browsing tags, and exploring member contributions.


We've officially past 29,000 characters! 30,000 can't be far off, and what an amazing milestone that will be! Thank you to everyone who has contributed, and a big thank you to anonymous17 who's added the most this summer! EatsSweets, flareburst, oo7565, many thanks as well!!

London Server Down, AGAIN

Ah, ... this time last month it was down as well. But now it's been offline for an entire day while they replace their flawed HD infrastructure. Can only hope things will be better. A lot of the random stuff I post, I like to upload there. It being offline, shouldn't affect the site in any meaningful way.


What does productivity have to do with the ACDB? Everything. It's the force that decides how much I get done, and when.

I look at productivity as a game. Discussions on the topic with a friend revealed I may have to accept it is perhaps a game that cannot be won. Nonetheless, I feel it is a game worth playing. An experience uniquely human, which all who "do" have unique insight into solving the puzzle of how to achieve maximum productivity.

At this point, I have no answers, merely more questions.


Made a few tweaks to the top of the site. Adding a complete feel to the theme.

I've expanded my programing skill to include knowledge of variable function references:

#define MSG "Hello world!"

void print(char * s) {
printf("%s\n", s);

int main(void) {
void (*funcp)(char *);

(funcp) = &print;

printf("%lx\n", (unsigned long)&print);

return 0;

And that's certainly NOT a Hello World prog I've ever seen before.

This knowledge is a prerequisite for creating software in C that will support "plugins" - new functions added at run time.

I'm looking forward to coding an empty program that serves as a template for plugins. Once it's running, I can add any function to it using dlfcn.h

From there, it'll be possible to continue my work replacing mysqld with my own database server.
using bits for storage Aug 17, 2011 | Rei
Writing the Capabilities system based on a simple glance of the Linux capabilities source code, I've finally realized why in 5 years, I have never used an INT as a storage bus.


Anyone who can write that at a glance without a moments thought - has my full respect.

29,000 ?

Added counters to the top of index.php and search.php

We're getting so close to 29,000 ! Could happen by the end of the month.
no more Port 81 Aug 15, 2011 | Rei
Kouta Ikari Ayanami pointed out some public networks use web filtering that blocks non-web associated ports. This was causing a lot of problems with using ACDB.

CSS would not load.
Images would not load.

When we moved to this new server, I only had one IP address. In such a situation, the only way to run multiple servers is by running them on different ports.

Port 80 is used for rendering PHP pages. Everything else, like static content, I like to move to another server. And since we have a dual hex-core server, it made even more sense to set up a firewall-level round-robin to spread the load evenly across many servers.

Anyways, I set that up using Port 81.

Then we finally got a /29 IP allotment, I couldn't quite figure out how to do the RDR NAT to make it work on another IP running Port 80.

Turns out, all I needed was this one line:

rdr on rl0 inet proto tcp from any to port = http -> {,,,, } port 81 round-robin

Now all that's left is spotting and repairing any manually entered :81 links in the source code.

The main change is
has been replaced with

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