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Dueteragonist and lighttpd 1.4.29 Aug 5, 2011 | Rei
Added back Dueteragonist as a Role.

Seems to be the only fit for some characters, such as L from Death Note.

Also updated one of our table css templates, to have two types of on hover colors. One for the TR and another for the TD. Seems useful when editing, but possibly annoying while browsing. I may have to split it into two templates.

Seems about a month since lighttpd 1.4.29 was released. I might upgrade to it later this month.

27893 www 1 44 0 21508K 4376K kqread 0 1:00 0.00% lighttpd


89898 www 1 44 0 29584K 12844K kqread 1 169:23 0.00% lighttpd
89230 www 1 44 0 33612K 16792K kqread 4 53:19 0.00% lighttpd
89229 www 1 44 0 33612K 16760K kqread 0 53:04 0.00% lighttpd
89231 www 1 44 0 33612K 16888K kqread 0 53:02 0.00% lighttpd
89232 www 1 44 0 33612K 17088K kqread 1 53:01 0.00% lighttpd
89233 www 1 44 0 33612K 16948K kqread 1 52:55 0.00% lighttpd
58413 www 1 44 0 24464K 8192K kqread 1 21:33 0.00% lighttpd

See those tight CPU usage times? 5 of them. Firewall level round-robin configs are awesome. The low end CPU time is for our "throttled users". The high end is the main web server. One again, the 5 in round-robin config are our image servers.

First one is running on the dev server at home, hence the very low memory, cpu and everything. hah Not much of a test of stability. I might start one image server running the new version, see how that goes. Then upgrade everything.
more speed Aug 2, 2011 | Rei
Noticed today a lot of the Character and Anime view counters were slowing down the site.

Especially when new characters are added, it can take an average of 1 second to rebuild the indexes. A lot of the errors tho were for cases taking around 10 seconds to complete.

While I would like to code an extendable database framework in C, it's a project that should take upwards of a week, and one I'd like to do concurrently with a Binary Tree module ... which I still lack.

Anyways, the Views are expendable. They generate themselves, after all. THat's why I can code a risky replacement which could lose all data. And it's why I can change the storage engine from InnoDB to memory. I had tried different indexes, but it was kinda like an idiot pressing all the buttons on a remote to change the channel. I did more harm than good. The memory storage engine should never take more than a second to complete any operation of this fixed data set. Even without proper indexes.

And another update on the stats server memory usage.

Seems to have stabilized now.

73375 rei 1 45 1 19112K 15608K accept 1 113:36 0.00% ss

19MB max allocated, and 15MB in use. Not bad at all.

Hopefully later this month I can start on the next version of the Stats Server.

Feature requests include:
- Binary Tree Indexes
- export to disk
- load from file
- dynamic table frameworks
Character Comments Jul 31, 2011 | Rei
Updated the Character Comments Presentation:


We had been using a DL DT DD style of comment I borrowed from TPB. In the end, it kinda sucked. Fun using a seldom used HTML 4.01 element tho.

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