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little improvements Jul 27, 2011 | Rei
I've been applying some new CSS around the site. Last thing updated was the PM interface.

Been working on a PM Preview feature. I'm not too sure what to do about it. One approach would take a hundred lines of coded, another approach would take far less but would be very awkward.

It's a lot of work, and not very important I think.

Also brought back the Franchise Editor. For non-Admin's all you can do is browse franchises.

It provides a nice listing of all the assigned titles and their characters.

Admins can use it to copy all the characters in the Right Hand Side list to the Franchise.

Also tweaked the Forums to place the name of the Forum or Thread in the Frame Header. Previously this info was only available in the browser title. Adds slightly more RAM usage storing the info in an array, but seemed the only approach... eventually the Forums will need some major rewrites. The code is still too much Proof-of-Concept.

There's plenty to do, so look for more news updates as it gets done!

An an update on our stats server

73375 rei 1 45 1 18088K 15100K accept 3 50:08 0.00% ss

Memory usage seems OK. No evidence of memory leaks.
The CPU usage is keeping pace with lightty. *sigh* I seriously need a good Shared Object or library I can link it against that provides a very simple to use Binary Tree. I don't want to see the code, or understand how it works. Plenty of nerds in University who have no doubt already done that, and I trust them.

With a good index, the code would run O(log^2n) faster ...

It's too bad a binary tree can't handle this data set:

F***ing beginner academic CS stuff has no real world application.

Wonder at what point they'd teach how to break that data set into:

- 1a
- 1b
- 2a
- 2b
- 3a
- 3b
- 4a
- 4b

Meh .... low priority for now.

And an update on keep-alives

They seem to be making a positive difference. Pages load quicker and more completely.

2011-07-27 06:47:16: (connections.c.137) (warning) close: 7 Socket is not connected

Also seeing some new types of errors in logs.

I may consider increasing the number of keep-alive requests, while maintaining the low timeouts values.
keep-alive Jul 23, 2011 | Rei
Doing some experiments with keep-alive timers on lighttpd.

Best case:

Things load faster and smoother.

Worst case:

Nothing loads at all.

Until now, every page would require multiple connections to the server. Since every image would automatically close the connection. To get the next image, a new connection would be needed. Opening and closing all these connections create considerable lag, and puts extra load on the server.

Keep Alive's have a problem with idle connections. If someone not using keep alive requests it anyway, they'll end up with dozens or hundreds of idle connections ... this allows one person to suck up a good number of the server's file descriptors. Well, my counter to this is having VERY LOW idle timers. Single digit.

Seems to be keeping the number of firewall stats down at least.
Profile Updates and Emotes Jul 23, 2011 | Rei
Added Avatars to User Profiles.


Also added emotes to the site.

Listing of them and how to use here:


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