March 18th

The Teen Age has over 6000 characters. We've begun separating teens into three new ages: Middle School Age, High School Age, and College age. It may take a few days to complete. Character age is determined by eye size, and eye position. Centered eyes are High School Age, large centered eyes positioned slightly lower than center are Middle School Age, and small eyes positioned closer to the forehead are College age.

February 27th

We're nearing the 10,000th character, and the 100th member on the forums.

Today, we have a new feature of video content. We'll be adding OP and Promo videos for the anime and games we have in the database. Keep an eye on the video page for the lastest anime and games to have videos added.

February 5th

I've added the first of many membership features to come, starting today with Favorite Characters. Be sure to sign up an account on the forums, login, and start clicking the "Add to Favorites" link you will see on the character profile pages.

January 26th

And we're back! This week the focus has been on adding more game details, and images. Games 1 to 704 have images now. I'll be adding images for games 705 to 800 tomorrow. Next week it's back to adding new characters.

January 21st

Late last night, the server crashed. Our ISP discovered both hard drives had failed beyond recovery. The server has been rebuilt, and is being hosted on another server. There may be some issues, as we did not have complete backups to recover from. We're doing our best to put this behind us, and get back to adding many more characters, and many more features to the database.

On another note, we're looking for experienced C programmers on Linux and OpenBSD who are interested in working on an Open Source Project of ours. The project is an intelligent, adaptive, 1000SLOC, Image Server that will replace our current implementation of lighttpd. A detailed construct of the project will be published in the coming days. The main point is the image server serves images only. It will ignore the vast majority of the HTTP Protocol Recommendations, and support none of the features you would expect in a web server. The server will cache all images in memory, and support 200, 206, and 404 html status codes / requests. Each user will receive a queue, should they make multiple requests. The server is to be aware of load, and be capable of recognizing top landing pages and cache those images while they are hot. The server much be aware of memory usage, and cache images only while under a set memory limit. Over all, the goal is to reduce disk IO access post init to zero. Those unfamiliar with SLOC, the total source lines of code for this project will not exceed 1000.

January 20th

We've started work on a Japanese Verb database. Over the next few days, we'll be adding between 300 and 500 more verbs. The motivation for this feature came from a desire have a quick and easy way of looking up verbs, as well as a complete collection of verbs that is easily browsed and searched. When the database is complete (somewhere near the one thousandth entry), we'll add a quiz feature to the verb database to help you in memorizing verbs you add to your quiz list. As well, I'll add the option of generating flash cards you can print out.

January 19th

The images have been recovered. Despite the loss of the drive that stored the MySQL Database and WebServer, we were able to recover and move everything to another drive. Unfortunately, the server hardware is old and outdated. If you would like to contribute funds to the purchase of a new server, please click the PayPal link at the bottom of this page.

On another Note, in the near future we will be adding Japanese Reference materials that should be helpful in the studying of Japanese. First up is a Verb database. Also, our review of February 2008 issue of Comptiq should be up by the end of the month.

January 17th - January 18th

There has been a hard drive failure on the server. Please forgive the intermediate downtime as we investigate and fix the problem. Some images may fail to load. We are doing our best to identify these, and replace them with backups.