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Long story short, Q1Media will take over 5 months to issue your first payment. If you start with them on January 1st, you wont be paid until sometime in May.

Q1Media was trolling me for a while, and in September 2014 I decided to reach out and talk to them about the site.

They called over the phone, and I chatted briefly with the girl who had been emailing me.

Immediately after the phone call, my contact with her was cut by her. I was passed onto another handler, as clearly her job ended the moment I signed up.

This next person sets up some tags, makes promises of the earnings being good and payment Net 60.

Ok, it's early September. I try running their ads, and find NO REAL TIME REPORTING.

Their reports are delayed a full day.

I'm expecting $10 or more, and I get single digits. I ----ing hate single digits. Every ad company I deal with can do at least $10 a day with my traffic. Anything less is a ----ing insult.

So I split the traffic 50 / 50 between Lijit and Q1Media. And Lijit earns more. This reality repeats every day for the entire run. Not once to they come close to generating even as much as another ad company. And here I signed up because they promised me more . All November, all I saw from them was single digit days.

Where my experience may differ from yours is - I do not use video preroll ads, or pop ups; the types of ads Q1Media specializes in. If you use those types, well go for it, maybe they'll make you something more than nothing.

But if you use them for display, don't even try!

So September goes by, and I'm out $200 for the $150 they may have earned me.
October goes by, and I have not been paid.
November 7th, I confirm that my payment information is set up correctly.
November goes by, and I have not been paid.
December 11th passes by, and I have not been paid.
December 26th, I email them asking if they have any intention of paying me.
December 30th, they tell me they were unable to make the payment.

I've been burnt by many advertisers before that promised lots of money, while paying next to nothing. Normally I would cut my losses early. But with Q1, they made a fraction of my normal income, and took too long to pay anything. Trying them for a few months was the worst advertising decision I have ever made.

If they contact you, tell them to take you off their mailing list!

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