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Are you my Master?

- Mordred

Quotes | Naofumi Iwatani | The Rising of the Shield Hero | Episode 21

Naofumi Iwatani | The Rising of the Shield Hero | Episode 21 | text | tile

Episode : 2 / 4 / 6 / 13 / 21 /

What are you girls doing?
What's going on?
After the battle against the Pope,
I lost consciousness.
I was brought here, to a clinic
serving the royal family,
and spent three days asleep.
According to Raphtalia,
the queen did everything in
her power to save my life.
One whole month to recover, huh?
Even after healing magic made
the wounds go away in a flash?
The Wrath Shield's Blood Sacrifice...
It's a powerful skill,
but it destroys both my body and the target's.
The other three weren't affected much by the curse,
thanks to Fitoria, I guess.
"I daresay"?
They're not medics.
You're Shadows, aren't you?
And yet, this country sure
seems to hate the Shield.
From a long time before they
put a false charge on me.
So that trash king and the slut
princess did it all on their own?
I see.
By the way, Melty.
You're talking weird.
Why was I, the Shield Hero, the only
one put through all that crap?
He hated the previous Shield Hero, then?
What the hell does that have to do with me?
Things would've gone very differently if I'd
been summoned to another country, huh?
Maybe I should go to Siltvelt.
Well, I know there's a catch.
I don't plan to stay in this country.
I'll go wherever the Waves
arrive and fight them off.
That's the best shortcut
to returning to my world.
As you see, I can walk around, at least.
The castle?
Are you sure? They're your
husband and daughter.
Nothing special.
She asked me to come to the castle tomorrow
because she was going to clear my name.
What's with that look?
You're getting what you deserve!
You deserve to die for what you did!
No, I'm fine.
We have an early start tomorrow.
Get some rest.
I shouldn't care what happens
to those scumbags!
She's probably with the queen.
Believe it or not, I'm a wreck on the inside.
A slave crest?
We have to start there?
After that, this unpleasant
farce kept going on and on.
My name was being cleared in the public eye,
and yet my heart didn't
feel the least bit lighter.
Is it because I know what comes next?
Am I looking forward to seeing it happen?
He just threw his last chance away.
Is that how much he hates the Shield Hero?
It's the same as my dream.
Is this really the right thing to do?
Hold up!
The death penalty is too
light for these scumbags.
Death is instant release, after all.
Should they really get off so lightly?
The slave crest didn't react.
She's so thick-skinned,
she can beg a guy she tried
to kill for her life, and mean it!
With skin that thick, the guillotine
might not cut through her!
So I have a proposal!
The king will change his name to "Trash,"
and the first princess to "Bitch"!
You'll live the rest of your
lives under those names.
If you don't like that,
you're free to die right now.
Then Bitch's adventurer name can be "Slut."
Neither the Three Heroes Church nor the
Shield Church will see it as an enemy.
I see.
She might be the shrewdest politician of them all.
That crap wouldn't make
me the least bit happy.
But I will work with you.
But not just with Melromarc.
I'll work with nations across the world.
We're the Four Cardinal Heroes, and we're
here to save the world from the Waves.
I'll think about it.
Hurry up, Raphtalia, Filo!
Or I'll leave you behind!
That's just how it goes.
Those guys...
Sure. See you later.
When I first passed these gates,
all my money, respect, and trust was gone.
I'd lost it all.
It was all because I'd
ended up the Shield Hero.
But I don't think I've got it
all back, nor do I want it.
I've gained more important things
thanks to becoming the Shield Hero.
Wherever the Waves go,
I'll go with my friends.
That is my job as one of the
Four Cardinal Heroes... as the Shield Hero!

Episode : 2 / 4 / 6 / 13 / 21 /



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