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Best friend of

Goku is Best friend of Krillin Info
Saori Maki is Best friend of Torii Natsumi Info
Torii Natsumi is Best friend of Saori Maki Info
Masakazu Masaki is Best friend of Rikuo Sakisaka Info
Rikuo Sakisaka is Best friend of Masakazu Masaki Info
Chinami Kogasaka is Best Friend of Suzuha Aoi Info
Suzuha Aoi is Best Friend of Chinami Kogasaka Info
Soujiro Nishikado is Best friend of Akira Mimasaka Info
Soujiro Nishikado is Best friend of Rui Hanazawa Info
Soujiro Nishikado is Best friend of Tsukasa Domyoji Info
Makoto Itou is Best friend of Taisuke Sawanaga Info
Setsuna Kiyoura is Best friend of Sekai Saionji Info
Yuki Cross is Best friend of Sayori 'Yori' Wakaba Info
Kaname Kuran is Best friend of Takuma Ichijou Info
Karin Maaka is Best friend of Maki Tokitou Info
Krillin is Best Friend Of Goku Info
Jinpachi Mishima is best friend of Wang Jinrei Info
Wang Jinrei is best friend of Jinpachi Mishima Info
Charlotte Hazelrink is best friend of Sylvia Van Hossen Info
Sylvia Van Hossen is best friend of Charlotte Hazelrink Info
Ibuki Hinata is Best Friend of Ui Nakatsugawa Info
Ui Nakatsugawa is Best Friend of Ibuki Hinata Info
Tomoyo Daidouji is Best Friend of Sakura Kinomoto Info
Sakura Kinomoto is Best Friend of Tomoyo Daidouji Info
Black Star is Best Friend of Soul Eater Evans Info
Soul Eater Evans is Best Friend of Black Star Info
Kuu Shiratori is Best Friend of Kozue Satou Info
Kozue Satou is Best Friend of Kuu Shiratori Info
Ren Suzugamori is Best Friend of Tetsu Shinjyou Info
Tetsu Shinjyou is Best Friend of Ren Suzugamori Info
Hector is Best friend of Eliwood Info
Eliwood is Best friend of Hector Info
Lyndis is Best friend of Florina Info
Florina is Best friend of Lyndis Info
Reim Lunettes is Best Friend of Xerxes Break Info
Xerxes Break is Best Friend of Reim Lunettes Info
Soren is best friend of Ike Info
Ike is best friend of Soren Info
Chrom is best friend of My Unit 01 Info
My Unit 01 is best friend of Chrom Info
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