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Yuki (Hiroyuki Yoshida) is Girlfriend of Shiina 'Shii-chan' Info
Shizuku Tsukishima is Girlfriend of Seiji Amasawa Info
Yurika Menou is Girlfriend of Haruki Mukasa Info
Serena Tsukino is Girlfriend of Darien Shields Info
Fumi Manjoume is Girlfriend of Yasuko Sugimoto Info
Yasuko Sugimoto is Girlfriend of Fumi Manjoume Info
Kiyora Miki is Girlfriend of Ryuutarou Mine Info
Yumie Hanamura is Girlfriend of Yumie's boyfriend Info
Kiwako Nitta is Girlfriend of Hirohisa Sugita Info
Claire is Girlfriend of Professor Hershel Layton Info
Ayumi Kubota is Girlfriend of Satsuki Katakura Info
Arisa Uotani is Girlfriend of Kureno Sohma Info
Mine Kuramae is Girlfriend of Ayame Sohma Info
Rin Sohma is Girlfriend of Hatsuharu Sohma Info
Tohru Honda is Girlfriend of Kyo Sohma Info
Chiyuri Kurashima is Girlfriend of Takumu Mayuzumi Info
Machi Kuragi is girlfriend of Yuki Sohma Info
Hitomi Shizuki is Girlfriend of Kyousuke Kamijou Info
Mikoto Urabe is Girlfriend of Akira Tsubaki Info
Ayuko Oka is Girlfriend of Kouhei Ueno Info
Tsukushi Makino is Girlfriend of Tsukasa Domyoji Info
Kotonoha Katsura is Girlfriend of Makoto Itou Info
Momo Adachi is Girlfriend of Kairi Okayasu Info
Chiharu Tanaka is Girlfriend of Ryouji Suzuki Info
Risa Koizumi is Girlfriend of Atsushi Ootani Info
Nobuko Ishihara is Girlfriend of Heikichi Nakao Info
Nino is Girlfriend of Kou Ichinomiya Info
Jacqueline is Girlfriend of Billy Info
Takako Shimizu is Girlfriend of Hiromu Shinbo Info
Yumi Omura is Girlfriend of Hiroyasu Ueda Info
Momoko Murakami is Girlfriend of Akira Tobari Info
Hitagi Senjougahara is Girlfriend of Koyomi Araragi Info
Akeno Kasugamori is girlfriend of Sakuya Hoshi Info
Daisy Brooke is Girlfriend of Nathaniel Blake Info
Mei Tachibana is girlfriend of Yamato Kurosawa Info
Sakura Kinomoto is Girlfriend of Syaoran Li Info
Asami Oikawa is Girlfriend of Kenji Nakanishi Info
Aiko Mutou is Girlfriend of Masashi Tachikawa Info
Chiharu Ogawa is Girlfriend of Kakeru Hayakawa Info
Rikka Takanashi is Girlfriend of Yuuta Togashi Info
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