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Higepiyo is Pet of Hiroshi Haneda Info
Mr. Grunty is Pet of Hotaru Info
President Aria Pokoteng is Pet of Akino Ametsuchi Info
President Maa is Pet of Alice Carroll Info
Chu-Chu is Pet of Anthy Himemiya Info
Inko-chan is pet of Ryuuji Takasu Info
Momo is Pet of Mioi Hatsumi Info
Poochi is Pet of Ken Utonium Info
Metall Buffalo is Pet of Jack Ill Dark Info
Shigemi is Pet of Keiko Negishi Info
Amedeo is Pet of Marco Rossi Info
Ninufa is Pet of Itsushi Narumi Info
Tansan is Pet of Tooru Ichii Info
Gulliver is Pet of Anemone Info
Shantak-kun is Pet of Nyarlathotep Info
Bartholomew 'Bartholo' is Pet of Bardia Argonaut Ion Info
Kotarou is Pet of Nadeshiko Mochizuki Info
Kuu is Pet of Kana Mutsuki Info
Cahier / Kaie is Pet of Seika Tendouji Info
Silvianna is Pet of Yuuichi Yusa Info
Mikan is Pet of Yuuichi Yusa Info
Silvianna is Pet of Risa Oumi Info
Alex is Pet of Sanae Nagatsuki Info
Maru is Pet of Yung Info
Pero Pero is Pet of Hiroyuki Miyazawa Info
Pero Pero is Pet of Kano Miyazawa Info
Pero Pero is Pet of Yukino Miyazawa Info
Pero Pero is Pet of Tsukino Miyazawa Info
Pero Pero is Pet of Miyako Miyazawa Info
Touchumaru is pet of Shigure Kousaka Info
Alfador is Pet of Magus / Janus Info
Junjiro is pet of Katsuma Info
Leki is Pet of Cleao Everlasting Info
Toto is Pet of Dorothy Gale Info
Ryo-Ohki is Pet of Ryoko Hakubi Info
Black Hayate is Pet of Riza Hawkeye Info
Tama is Pet of Mitsukake Info


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