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One Punch Man Discussions ( Series Info )

Secret to Saitama's Strength

Fleet Admiral Admin Level 9999 Rei Oct 14, 2018 (Edit)
How far did you get following Saitama's exercise routine? I'm sure there are a few people here who have tried. XD
One hundred push-ups!
One hundred sit-ups!
One hundred squats!
Then a ten kilometer run.

Doing this every day is utterly crazy. lol I've found 48 hours to be a good rest period after working a muscle group.

My work out lately is:

Day 1:
100 pulls ups
300 push ups
500 sit ups

Day 2:
5k run

Day 3: rest

Then repeat.

Starting any exercise routine is insanely hard, but if you stick to it, it's amazing how much you can improve. Back in August when I started, I could only do 3 push ups and 8 situps! A month later when I first did 60 push ups my exercise mat had a liquid copy of me. lol
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