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This game is still very much in development!

From the moment you land on Play your active game is resumed, or a new game is created.

The order of the characters will be randomized each new day.

If a mod changes the traits on a character while you are playing, the game will auto update your Clue Notebook

Games are matched first to your UID, second to your IP hash to allow anon play.

Each game starts with a pool of all characters.

Clicking on a character thumbnail, starts the interview process.

You can only ask each character one question!

Select another character to continue.

If you are unlucky, you'll interview your target and they will change appearances!

You can only capture your target when you have eliminated all other suspects.

"Which way did they go?" starts a chase that will always lead you to your target.

It works by narrowing the character ID range by half every time.

Once you have only one suspect left, you can click on them and choose how to end the game.

Arrest? Murder? Assassinate?

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