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About the Anime Birthdays Feature
Checking the page about dates with most birthdays, there are two issues that I want to report about:

1 - There are 368 dates listed but only 366 days in a year. Looking again I verified that February 22 and February 14 are duplicated. Both entries are with double space.

2 - There Are 15 dates that have more than a 100 entries. But when you go to their respective pages there is a limit of only 100 entries. But there isn't a button to view the next page or an option to view more than a 100 entries.

Using the filters to sort the entries didn't help either... For example January 1st has 179 entries, 96 females, 81 males, 0 androgynous, 0 unknown/ambiguous, 0 None and 0 Many... Leaving at least 2 missing entries...

Thanks for your attention.
Jackman Dec 12, 2023 Dec 22, 2023
1 reply
Convert card for essence
I used `Old Extractor` to convert my extra card to essences and try to convert essences to random cards.
- On my first try yesterday, rounds consumed 2x of essences: round1 - 2, round10 - 20, but now now its only its only 1 and 10.
- It's strange that in the list of cards to convert to essences, even cards that I only have 1x appear (/ Card 11791 / Set 704 / Copies 2 / [ Convert 1 copies into E Essences ] is ok, i have 2 copies
, but / Card 12183 / Set 704 / Copies 1 / [ Convert only copy into S Essences ] its not ok ) - I tried using convert essences on card with only one copy (D.Gray-man Collection #57) and the card was converted: In set ( I see it as card with `0 copies held` and `SELL` link.
Qwander Nov 16, 2023 Nov 18, 2023
3 replies
Selling cards for jewels.
Is it possible to have the cardsforjewels.php as a tab on the card page? Without a bookmark or searching in the #HELP room it is impossible to find. Some might not even know this exists.

Also, would it be possible to sell more than one duplicate at a time? Because it is pretty time consuming to click on every single one, especially when buying card packs everyday xD

I'd really appreciate if something could be changed in the future! =)
NatsumiSawada Jun 10, 2023 Jun 11, 2023
1 reply
Idle Game Discussion
I'll start off by sharing what I have heard so far about the idle game, and my thoughts so far.

Heya Rei! I writed you on the site (the mails are hard to read there), but here are some random ideas:

It would be cool to decide where to send the idle charas:
Mining, Fighting Monsters, Doing Research, Doing Quests and such!
Each mission / job will have a set amount of time to be completed, and they will get resources / level up by doing so (it would be cool to have different stats, and each kind of "activity" give em a boost at those stats). We can also use the currency system already builded in the site (the gems). Also quests / job that need multiple charas to be completed, would be a neat idea. The thing that will mostly draw people in, will be the gacha side tho. Those are popular.
I will not go for evolutions, I would probably avoid equipments too (even if they could be neat, maybe equippable artifacts / sets that boost stats? those could be quests reward, also it could be nice to add a shop where people could spend the gems for more "summons" and equips / whatnot).
For characters limit, items in the shop and avaiable quest, I would go for a building system. Using materials and gems, ppl could build and upgrade buldings, that allow em to hold more charas, and do more things, maybe you could also assign charas in those buldings, to make em more efficiens.
Only issue I have with, is that characters pictures in the database lack a bit of consistency. Many have full body pics with transparent / white background, which is great, and some are just screenshots of their face. It would be impossible to re-edit all the charas for the game, so we need to think something about it, or just use em like they are in the family tree.
I would also make summoning not that easy to make. Maybe you start the game with 10 summons or so, and then to obtain em, you have to do something a bit difficult and more grindy... Maybe special quest or bossess... Something like the card packs, is something you can buy, but with time limit / expensive. Also to store more chars, you would need buildings as I said.
Oh and bosses and such would be a good idea, with the classic "you have this amount of time to kill em", and based to dps of the team, you can win or not.
I will avoid any kind of monetization, but eh, is your work, so you could also sell gems, to support the site.

=== Popular Idle Game titles ===

Neko Atsume - game where you set food and toys around your yard and cats come by to eat and play with those toys. Special cats are attracted to special toys which you can get by the in-game coin. The cats eat and play and leave some coin for you. You can take a picture with each cat and make up an album of collected cats.

Afk arena - Battle game with heroes. You get new heroes and se tthem to battle while you're away. When your team wins, you get in-game coin to get more heroes.
Raid Shadow Legends - Send champions to battle or let them journey while you're AFK, the heroes will collect in-game coins.

Touken Ranbu - Semi-idle game where you collect cards and antropomorphized Japanese swords. Certain elements of the game are idle, such as crafting new swords, collecting resources or keeping a farm.

Animal Restaurant - Restaurant idle game where you're the manager of an animal restaurant. You set the menu and adverts for your restaurant, the animals come in for food which you have to serve manually until you get enough in-game coins for autmated services by acquiring employees. The money is used to buy new food menus, new automated employees and decorate the restaurant.

Cookie clicker - Browser idle game where you get cookies by clicking. The work has to be manual up until you have enough cookies to buy upgrades and automated services. The game has new funny messages for each hidden level of cookies acquired, depending on the upgrades, the game can change appearance and have different messages. It has achievements and savestates.

=== Conclusion ===
Basically these games all contain a sort of in-game currency which the player uses to either get more furnishing or acquire new units while not actively playing.

*All games have aspects of active gameplay (clicking, making new teams, decorating);
*All games have idle cummulation of resources (coins or items);
*All games have a virtual market to spend those resources, mainly for in-game upgrades or to attain new units.


I think the game could have the main objective of having either a certain amount of characters or making the strongest team of sorts. We both like RPG and so does everyone else xD
I could whip up some achievements and requirements for you. My vision of perfect idle game is cookie clicker, I used to freeze my entire computer and waste away mice by playing it back in the day.

It's a lot to consider.
I'm trying to think of a framework to work this all into.
Another part is what is the goal, main objective? What will people ultimately be working towards?

The way I see it so far you'll have
1. your characters
2. selection of missions
3. mission status
4. resource and rewards - or i guess inventory

What tabs, what information, what features - I'd like to put together a really rough first version so we have something to work with.

I don't see a need to think about monetization in the beginning. If people ask for it, then I'll think about it.

Well, goal in idle games is to "grow", aim for the high numbers and so on.
So if we put a level system, and quest / bosses, that will be enough to make people play more and more.
You know, like in diablo, where ppl replay the game over and over just to improve the stats!
I know is a lot of work, but once you made the basic code for boss and quest, is just adding higher / more difficult numbers.
Same with buildings and upgrade. The "summon" system, to summon new charas to use in the idle game, will be the main core tho.
People love to "build" characters. Anyway, Iunno what is possible and what not with the tool you use.
But yeah been able to "summon" from the database (maybe "sell" the characters you "draw" but don't like), will be the most charming part of it.
So yeah to put a simple "blueprint" of the game menu & gameplay:

Stats (check "party" you have, and the charas stats, all start at level 1 with 1 in every stat and then grow up from there, discard option too)

Inventory (item & equip you have, items for craft, item to use, equip like armors & weapons or whatnot)

Quests (idle quests & bosses)

Dungeon (idle monster farming, can be moved in "buildings")

Buildings (build, check and manage buildings, assign characters in em which will level up, like monster farming & quests. we can move dungeons here too)

Shop (buy crafting materials, weapons, items)

Summon ("draw" charas from the database, to use in game, using some sort of in game currencies, limited per day)

Something like that! Discard should give some resources back. Quests can fail depending on charas stats.
What do you think?

I've got an idea now what the game will be.
If you've watched Fairy Tail, you might have an idea what I'm thinking.

An idle game where you are the Guild Master of a guild you can name. You start with one random member, and send them on missions. Mission rewards will allow you to upgrade the guild, and recruit new members.

Everything you've mentioned so far, I think can be worked into this setup.


I like the whole "Guild Master" setting!
Been able of create and custom your own guild, is neat!
Rei May 18, 2023 Jul 4, 2023
17 replies
Character Tags
I'm making it easier to introduce new tags via the lazy tag system.

db_tags.php can be used by moderators to create and promote new tags.
1. Search for the tag you wish to make
2. Click the create tag button that appears
3. Change the status to promoted

Rei Nov 4, 2022 Nov 6, 2022
2 replies
Read Me First
Welcome to the Discussion board relaunch!

Topics too large for #ACDB Help can find a home here.

Use the Discussion board however you like. Report bugs, ask questions, make suggestions, compliment, criticize, or just share what's on your mind ~

What are you waiting for?

Start a new topic!

The code is basically the old Guild discussion board with a few additional features.

#1 Members are limited to ONE New Topic per day, as to mitigate spam
#2 Members are limited to ONE Post per 15 minutes, as to mitigate spam
#3 Moderators can lock topics preventing replies from being posted
#4 Moderators can set a Type Mods ONLY hiding a thread from all but moderators
Rei Oct 6, 2022

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