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...we'd be in plain sight.

- Koneko Toujou


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Macross Frontier

afro beard beret bishounen blunt bangs boots bow bun cane closed eyes curly hair dog tag dress earring earrings facial mark facial scar fangs glasses gloves goggles hair ornament hair ribbon hair tube hairband hairclip hakama hat headband idol lipstick loli mechsuit mole moustache neckerchief necklace one eye showing open shirt pilot pointy ears ponytail pumps scarf school crest school uniform shorts sideburns singer skirt stockings stubble suit tanned thigh-high boots tie tights twintails uniform v bangs yukata


Kiichirou Tokugawa Image facial mark, sideburns, yukata, fangs
Miranda Merin Image lipstick, curly hair, tanned
George Yamamori Image beard, suit
Ranzou Saotome Image hakama, ponytail
Yasaburou Saotome Image closed eyes, yukata
Henry Gilliam Image facial mark
Richard Bilrer Image beard, moustache, pointy ears, uniform
Elmo Kridanik Image tie, moustache, goggles, hat
Brera Sterne Image mechsuit, open shirt, dog tag, hairclip
Raramia Rerenia Image mechsuit, pointy ears, tanned
Nene Rora Image mechsuit, pointy ears, curly hair
Jeffrey Wilder Image hat, one eye showing, beard, moustache, facial scar
Canaria Berstein Image headband
Grace O'Connor Image tights, dress, lipstick, bun, hair ornament, glasses
Ram Hoa Image uniform, thigh-high boots, hairclip
Mina Roshan Image uniform, glasses, tanned, facial mark, stockings, boots
Monica Lange Image uniform, boots, hat
Klan Klang Image v bangs, twintails, hairband, mechsuit, stockings, loli, pointy ears, hair tube
Sheryl Nome Image beret, earrings, boots, gloves, bow, idol, singer
Luca Angelloni Image shorts, curly hair, tie, school uniform, pilot, school crest
Ranka Lee Image hair ribbon, boots, scarf, dress, necklace
Ozma Lee Image earring, curly hair, ponytail, stubble
Nanase Matsuura Image ponytail, skirt, school uniform, glasses, stockings, neckerchief
Mikhail Blanc Image school crest, glasses, school uniform, tie, pilot, bishounen
Leon Mishima Image blunt bangs, uniform, boots
Catherine Glass Image mole, lipstick, earrings, uniform, pumps, scarf, hat, tie
Howard Glass Image cane, moustache, suit
Bobby Margot Image pilot, afro, scarf, headband, tanned
Alto Saotome Image school crest, ponytail, tie, school uniform, pilot, bishounen


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...we'd be in plain sight.

Koneko Toujou

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