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would you mind coming back in an hour?

- Aura Bella Fiora


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Muv-Luv Altered Fable

ahoge american archer arm band bell bikini boots bow braids cheek curls collar curly hair dress earrings gakuran glasses gun hair bobble hair intakes hair ribbon hair ribbons hair tube hairband headdress hoodie jeans knee highs labcoat lipstick maid midriff military uniform moustache multiple ahoge necklace ninja odango ponytail principal pumps ribbon rubber band sandals school crest school uniform shorts side ponytail sleek hair sneakers socks stockings suit swimsuit tanned tie tights twin ahoge twintails uniform v bangs vietnamese


Alfred Walken Image sleek hair, military uniform, tie, american
Tae Tsukiji Image stockings, bow, school uniform, side ponytail, hair bobble, dress, sandals, school crest
Yukino Tomoe Image cheek curls, maid, headdress, tights, ahoge, v bangs
Meiya Mitsurugi Image boots, v bangs, tights, bow, school uniform, hair intakes, hair ribbon, ponytail, school crest
Tatsumi Kamiyo Image v bangs, ahoge, headdress, maid, cheek curls, tanned
Sumika Kagami Image school crest, ponytail, hair ribbon, hair intakes, school uniform, bow, socks, ahoge
Minagi Ebisu Image curly hair, odango, maid, headdress, v bangs
Kei Ayamine Image collar, stockings, bow, school uniform, school crest
Irma Thesleff Image sandals, curly hair, lipstick, midriff, shorts
Yuuhi Mitsurugi / Yuuhi Koubuin Image bikini, bow, knee highs, school uniform, ponytail, hair tube, school crest
Touko Kazama Image uniform, tie, boots
Sheryl Turner Image lipstick, tanned
Chuck Sauber Image hoodie, gun, jeans
Elena Piatif Image suit, tights, pumps, necklace, earrings, bikini, ahoge
Mitsuki Hayase Image uniform, hair intakes, tie, boots, ponytail
Maya Tsukuyomi Image ninja, pumps, ribbon, odango, maid, headdress, tights
Kasumi Yashiro Image ahoge, socks, bow, school uniform, hair tube, twintails, school crest
Haruko Kashiwagi Image bow, school uniform, sneakers, socks, arm band, bikini, school crest
Paul Radhabinod Image tie, suit, moustache, principal, tanned
Yuuko Kouzuki Image uniform, tights, pumps, labcoat, tie
Miki Tamase Image hair intakes, twintails, bell, bow, socks, hair ribbons, archer, school uniform, school crest
Takeru Shirogane Image gakuran, school crest
Chizuru Sakaki Image school crest, braids, glasses, rubber band, hair intakes, school uniform, bow, knee highs
Misae Munakata Image uniform, tights, boots, tie
Indra Sahdan Myung Image hair ribbons, braids, vietnamese, swimsuit, tanned
Michiru Isumi Image uniform, tights, boots, tie, hair intakes
Mikoto Yoroi Image socks, bow, school uniform, multiple ahoge, hair intakes, school crest
Marimo Jinguuji Image uniform, tights, boots, hair intakes, tie
Haruka Suzumiya Image uniform, hair ribbons, braids, tights, boots, tie, twin ahoge
Akane Suzumiya Image uniform, tights, boots, hairband, ahoge, tie


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would you mind coming back in an hour?

Aura Bella Fiora

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