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villain name: Overhaul, is on the move!

- Awata Kaoruko


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Moon Strike

3/4 pants ahoge apron axe bag bandana bell belt bikini top blunt bangs bow braid braids bun camera cape chef chinese collar cowboy hat cross curly hair dagger detached sleeves dress facial mark feather fingerless gloves fur garter belt glasses gloves gun hair intakes hair ribbon hair ribbons hair tube hairband hairclip hammer hat headband headdress hime cut hood jacket katana knife loli maid midriff mole native american necklace nun odango one eye showing pointy ears ponytail qipao ribbon scarf school uniform shrine maiden spiky hair stockings tanned thigh-high boots tights twin ahoge twintails wand weapon


Takashi Funai Image necklace, jacket, fur
Yuki Kanda Image cross, hairclip, ahoge, hat, bun
Sutenno Image loli, gloves, midriff, cape, stockings, hair ribbons, twintails, tanned
Stella Yaccre Image cape, hood, hammer, school uniform
Satie Image thigh-high boots, ribbon, cross, nun
Chitose Sasaki Image ponytail, hair ribbon, hair intakes, headband, katana
Lucy Image school uniform, stockings, ahoge, bow, hair ribbon, hairband, glasses
Roka Image garter belt, gloves, stockings, dagger, bikini top, midriff
Kirara Rindou Image bell, collar, bow, school uniform, tights, hairclip, glasses
Ras Image tanned, one eye showing, stockings, fingerless gloves, hairclip, midriff
Nastassja Khrunekova Image glasses, blunt bangs
Nanako Blacksmith Image hair ribbons, ahoge, school uniform
Modored Image curly hair, ahoge, hat, school uniform, loli
Miko Tokizuka Image hairband, bow, belt, midriff
Mary Arp Image twintails, hair tube, cowboy hat, scarf, gun, fingerless gloves, belt
Jeanne Marie Image camera, bag, belt
Marian Foster Image glasses, maid, headdress, mole
Mao Lili Yang Image chinese, qipao, bandana, ahoge, braid, odango, hime cut, knife, 3/4 pants
Mako Setouchi Image headband, tanned
Hana Koike Image weapon, dress, hat, spiky hair
Kirisaku Raimei Image feather, native american, shrine maiden, braids, headband, axe, hair tube, tanned
Kirara Image wand, bow, hairclip, hair intakes, hair ribbons, twintails
Yuki Kanda Image hairclip, cross, twin ahoge, school uniform, bow
Jessica Scarlett Image bow, facial mark, pointy ears
Ekidona Image stockings, cape, midriff, loli, tanned
Beniko Akahomura Image detached sleeves, stockings, curly hair, hair intakes, hair ribbon, ponytail, glasses, midriff
Arieda Kana Image hat, apron, chef, hair intakes


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villain name: Overhaul, is on the move!

Awata Kaoruko

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